The truth behind the PS3 boomerang controller

The man responsible for the visual design of all Sony's PlayStation consoles, Teiyu Goto, has revealed the story behind that boomerang-shaped controller which was mocked by the world and his dog at E3 in 2005. You couldn't escape the comedy jpegs of batman holding the pad either.

"President Kutaragi wanted something different for the controller," Goto told Official PlayStation Magazine. "Quite frankly, we had set aside the ergonomic aspect in favour of the image it conjured up. We wanted to present an avant-garde model for the show, running a risk of being criticised."

It's safe to say that the criticism quickly followed. When asked about his personal thoughts on the controller and if he liked it, Goto replied, "It was very futuristic visually, but practically speaking you only had to hold it to realise how it compared to the Dual Shock 2. You know there are so many players who are used to the PlayStation controller; it's like a car steering wheel and it's not easy to change people's habits."

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WTF4272d ago

This controller would make the females VERY happy if you know what I mean.WOOO!!!

ChefDejon4272d ago

nah remeber theres no rumble

Black Republican4272d ago

this controller was ugly... I am glad they kept the controller very similar to the way it has always been.

no need to change something that has nothing wrong with it.

specialguest4272d ago

Being that this was never released, this demo/prototype controller could be worth a lot in 10-15 years. The only problem is how to get a hold of one. You'd have to be related to one of the top Sony people.

marshman4272d ago

I'm glad the kept the same overall design of the

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The story is too old to be commented.