Elite Won't Improve Microsoft's Market Share, Warns Analyst

Microsoft's release of the Xbox 360 Elite is unlikely to improve the company's market share in 2007, according to IDC analyst Billy Pidgeon.

Although the company is aggressively challenging rivals Sony and Nintendo in the gaming market, Pidgeon sees software, not hardware, as the key driver for new consumers.

"The Xbox 360 Elite may sway some gamers waiting to decide on a new system, but I don't expect the Elite to have much an effect on the 360's market share this year," said Pidgeon, speaking exclusively to

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omegaheat4277d ago

Someone really needs to tell these analyst to shove it somewhere. It seems like everyday I read something about some analyst cursing the Xbox360. The system has sold too many units, it has the largest next gen installed base, it has the best library of next gen games, and there's going to be a slew of triple A titles released this year that will satisfy every gamer's favorite genre. Blue Dragon, Lost Oddesy, Mass Effect, Halo3, GTAIV, Bioshock, Forza 2, Devil May Cry4, and the list goes on and on. And yes, people will buy the Elite just because of the added features and black color alone. Mark my word.

OldSchoolGamer4277d ago

He points out that the new SKU won't bump up sales, but that the quality big titles coming like Halo3 will. It wasn't negative at all towards Microsoft. The title of the article is just kind of misleading. He also points that the online is the focus of the company and this just allows more long form movie downloads which makes complete sense, expecially with bringing netflix guy onto the board.

ASSASSYN 36o4277d ago

Who cares what it was supportive of it is just getting old to read about everyday. These analyst don`t know what direction anything is headed xbox 360 or ps3.

BIadestarX4277d ago

I agree that games will. But one can't deny that Sony will not be able to use the "we have HDMI and a bigger hard drive" as much as they used to for marketting purposes. If microsoft wouldn't have done nothing about 1080p I guarantee you Sony would still be using that against microsoft. Well, 1080p and the HDD are just 2 more things they can no longer use.

THAMMER14277d ago

I'm getting an elite!!! I'm selling my old 360 for $300.00 to my brother. I just received a late X-MAS gift of $250.00. So I'm in.

The way I see it is M$ is going to sell out of the elite right away so no matter if you trade, sell or give away your old 360 they still will have the most game units in the streets.

For ex: Now my Bro will have a 360 and he will buy new games like once every 2 - 3 months and I buy at least 1 game a month. This will boost software sells all around.

Fu( the haters because we have millions. LOL

THWIP4277d ago

I bought my 360 on launch day, and have played a few thousand hours worth of games and movies on it, so I'll be ready for a new one by year's end. I'm hoping to sell my old one to my oldest sister for her 9 y.o. son, for about $200, then get an Elite.

Double-Edged4277d ago

Elite seems like a cool package.

No hating....

I'm already happy with the 360. so why not add a hdd and hdmi.

cool. I'm pretty sure it'll boost up sales. not dramatically. but it's targeted for real game enthusiasts...

It's like... 360 collectors addition


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