Bitbag has chosen their E3 winner

Well it's almost that time of the year again. The time when all the game publishers pull out their big guns to impress the masses. It's the showing of what has yet to come. It's E3! Every year we debate in forums and chatrooms about who actually won E3. I've often wondered how you can win a convention. Is it possible? After thinking about it for sometime, we've come up with this years E3 winner.

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facepalm5255d ago

"Here’s the thing, you can’t win E3. It’s not a competition. Picking a winner is only something that righteous gaming zealots do."

::stands up and claps:: Bravo...Bravo...

Karum5255d ago

Yeah that was a good comment, hence my approval.

Not an amazing article but it's nice to see something sensibly written and with a real gamer comment at the end.

GiantEnemyCrab5255d ago

That won't stop the 15yo tards at N4G from going from the usual brain-dead fanboy nutter to completely insane.

Karum5255d ago

lol this is true but over the months I've learned to ignore them better where as before I'd allow myself to get into an argument with them and end up looking like a fanboy myself.

I've even changed my opinion of you Crab!

Maybe if others ignore the fanboy tards they'll get bored.

Unbiased15255d ago


You are one of those 15 yo, remember yourself few months ago.

TheBand1t5255d ago

And now he's not, what's your point?

DarK-SilV5255d ago

Crab has changed since than

Halo3 MLG Pro5255d ago

"this is true but over the months I've learned to ignore them better where as before I'd allow myself to get into an argument with them and end up looking like a fanboy myself."

Teach me wise one.

TheBand1t5255d ago

You put your hands over your eyes and sing the following tune:

We're no strangers to love
You know the rules, and so do I
A full commitments what I'm thinking of
You wouldn't get this from any other guy

I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling...
Gotta make you understand...


DasBunker5255d ago

who cares if GEC has changed.. doesnt change the fact that he used to act like one of those 15 yo kids he mentioned, kinda hypocritical

GiantEnemyCrab5255d ago (Edited 5255d ago )

Unbiased1 do I know you?

I spoke in general terms on purpose as to not personally single any person out. I will argue the merits of gaming with you anytime and since I've been a gamer since the Atari 2600 days I'm a bit older than 15.

Nice one Mr. Mature! LOL

Now go back to contributing nothing to N4G.

DasBunker: Did I hit a nerve? I think I did.
"lol crysis>any ps3 games so what? we know it, it runs on a high end PC not a console. gears of war 2 looks the same as 1 and thats a 2006 game LMAO.. so sad gears is the only good game you xbots got"

Easy to pick out a quote from your comments. You want to talk about being a hypocrite again. Big surprise, a PS3 fanboy. LOL

Just keep on proving my point dolts.

jmare5255d ago

But it was also a total cop-out and made a barely interesting article even more of a waste of time.

Lifendz5255d ago

it's not righteous at all to say which of the three "won" based on their press conference. The "self-righteous" sites are judging this based off lineups, announcements, impressive games, etc. I don't see what's so high and mighty about that at all. And when the bitbag goes on at length about how MS' conference was so impressive I don't wanna hear it after this article.

danfry5255d ago (Edited 5255d ago )

Let's clear up the confusion here. When people refer to winning at E3, what they are really referring to is the perceived winner. And the perceived winner is the console manufacturer who's developers show off the greatest number of impressive titles. It's the exclusives that are the real point scorers.

DasBunker5255d ago (Edited 5255d ago )

how am i being a hypocrite? so im a fanboy whats your point? i never said i wasnt or that i never act immature, the fact that you had to bring that im a PS fanboy just shows that in the end you still an xbox fanboy, but now youre "unbiased" and "impair" because you finally got a PS3. so feel you have the right to call people out now cuz you feel youre now free of "sins".

ps3d05254d ago

What a bs way of getting out of stating your opinion and having to stick too it. They again this is the same site thats involved with the hiphofanboy so I'm not surprised they dont have the balls to stick their neck out and say what they really think.

I think MS will get most of the hype. We know what all the ps3 and wii has coming out already even if they do throw a surprise or 2 in there. MS been very tighted lip about there line up even if it might not be as good as the others it will be new. Everyone will be talking about what they show for the 360 cause its new and it will having a lot of hype surrounding their line and the 360 goin in to the 2nd half of the year and the holidays.

JoySticksFTW5254d ago

"Here’s the thing, you can’t win E3. It’s not a competition. Picking a winner is only something that righteous gaming zealots do."

If you all believe that some - if not most - of these devs, studios, publishers, whatever at E3 are not trying to out do each other, think again.

You KNOW the console makers are. Magazines, webcasts, tv shows cover that thing, and the BIG THREE want to generate the most attention to their system. That's why the BIGGEST announcements happen at these things, and not some press leak or memo.

Now, does it really affect current owners which game is shown at these types of shows. Maybe... Supposed you were a 360 owner who was dreading coughing up the money to also buy a PS3 for the next GTA and FF games. The two most memorable announce at these trade shows was probably GTA4 and FFXIII on 360 and with that lost customers for Sony.

And undecided, potential buyers will definitely want to weigh what each system has against what may be coming.

Arnon5254d ago

I hate people... and I hate my gaming self. I keep acting like a fanboy, and it's because I get sick and tired of seeing people not appreciating a good game.

Ugh. :(

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xwabbit5255d ago

Waiting for some 1 to not even read the article and say.. WTF! E3 HASN'T EVEN BEGUN!

Sky Zero5255d ago

Winner of E3 Panasonic with there groundbreaking 3D0 Technology.

FantasyStar5255d ago (Edited 5255d ago )

Konami Code! You has it!

Sir Ken_Kutaragi5255d ago (Edited 5255d ago )


Will Be...
|.......|...|................ .|
|...................|........ .|
|............____|...____| ;)

Shadow Man5255d ago

ahahahahh good one I'll try to remmeber that one every time he posts.