Xbox 360 Elite: Is the Backlash Justified? writes:

"The official announcement of the Xbox 360 Elite has stirred up quite a controversy. Why? The reasons are beyond me, although it wasn't as if we were all left in the dark about a possible updated 360. The Zephyr rumors of months prior were the first indication that Microsoft was plotting to produce an updated machine. The rumor mill came about full circle when a Microsoft spokesman admitted that they were indeed fiddling with the Xbox 360 in their highly classified, secret laboratory of innovation. It was said that although the idea was ongoing Microsoft denied they were planning on releasing such a console in the future. Months later, and after leaked photographs of the Elite surfaced, Microsoft announced the newest version of the 360 and shit has hit the proverbial fan."

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Ps30074311d ago

But for 360 owners already, how can you not see how they got screwed.

1) Got shafted on the 1 year warranty for most. OWNED
2) Console constantly breaks. OWNED
3) Constantly breaks and no way to redownload arcade games. OWNED
4) Put out a better model after all Beta Testers, i mean gamers put there input on what would make it better.. Hence HDMI and Bigger HD

You could probably use discounts and get this for 379.99 on top of that.

TOM4311d ago

1: All boxes got a 1 year warranty,if you payed to have it fixeed,you got your money back.
2: Above warranty.
3;ALL downloads are tied to your account,you can redownload at any time
4:All systems get an upgrades,its not new.but you must be if this is a big deal to you.

Enjoy your PS3 bud,no need to bash something you clearly dont have. Trust me,as a gamer for 30 years,its a fun system with truely great games.Your missing out closeing your mind like this.

Close_Second4311d ago (Edited 4311d ago )

...I do the price of the 120gig HDD. However, in New Zealand the media content service on Xbox Live is, well, crap. We are still limited to a Mission Impossible III movie trailer and other instantly deletable content. With the exception of the free South Park episode the media service (in NZ) is pointless - and there is no sign of this changing anytime soon!!!. Furthermore, our telecommunications provider in NZ (Telecom) has neglected to invest significantly in the infrastructure for the past decade so is now playing catchup in the broadband stakes. This basically means we wont have anything near a decent (i.e. HD capable) IPTV service for at least another 5 to 10 years. So really, the 120gig HHD is a pointless add NZ.

I personally believe that MS should offer core owners a real bargain in order to get them to purchase 20gig HDD. They should then discontinue the core and lower the price of the Premium and only offer two models.

TOM4311d ago (Edited 4311d ago )


Bonsai12144311d ago

the backlash is warranted. because people are expecting the problems that came with the first two models to come with this one. but only time will tell (as with all things.)

but i can't wait to see what 360 fanboys say when developers start implementing installation of parts onto the hdd into games... since they're giving ps3 so much flak for it

Adamalicious4311d ago (Edited 4311d ago )

I got my 360 about 8 months ago and yeah, I feel a little ripped off. If I was one of the several hundred thousand people who bought one in the last month I would be FURIOUS!

kornbeaner4311d ago

I can see how consumers would be mad. Especially since the price to Up-grade the one part (Bigger HDD) that is most wanted by the consumer is nearly half the price of the System itself for early adopters.

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