Punch Out And others for Wii VC

The latest Wii Virtual Console update has just hit PAL machines, bringing with it three new additions to the Wii Shop's ever-growing retro roster.

The biggest title in today's batch is classic NES bruiser Punch Out! Which in case you're unaware (and shame on you if you are) has you fighting as a boxing rookie, rising through the ranks and eventually twatting Mike Tyson in his big smug face. Punch Out! Is yours for 500 Wii Points, and well worth the purchase.

Second in line is Konami's SNES offering The Legend of the Mystical Ninja, which much to our disappointment has nothing to do with Goeman. According to our mate Wikipedia, it's a 2-player action game which has you controlling Kid Ying and Dr. Yang (popular names in the Far East) on their quest to rescue a (videogame convention alert!) kidnapped princess. This one's yours for 800 points.

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synLamont4279d ago

I bet it is just Punch-Out not Mike Tyson's Punch-Out. It will end up have having the would be fighter Mr. Dream or whatever his name is and the as the last fighter you face.

Torch4279d ago (Edited 4279d ago )

Upon first noticing the words "Punch Out" and "Wii" in the same sentence, I thought that my greatest Wii-wish had finally come true: An updated Punch Out version specific to the Wii and its controls.

Oh well...I still think (hope?) it's only a matter of time before it does materialise. I just hope that the controls will be more responsive and accurate than Wii Boxing.