Confirmation of the PS3 Slim?

Today, we received word that a trustworthy US GameStop employee discussed the matter with a Sony merchandizing representative. When the leaked photos were brought up in private conversation, the merchandizing representative was immediately surprised that the photos were "released already," but then hastily dismissed the subject when the rep realized that it was regarding a rumor. Could this reaction indicate that the PS3 Slim is more real than we originally thought?

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Pennywise5062d ago

Its coming. I believe it, but do we need a new story every 10 minutes?

5062d ago
KingDizzi5062d ago

No one is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to click onto the story, don't like it? Don't click :O

Pennywise5062d ago (Edited 5062d ago )

King Dizzy, I come here for news... not to weed through the same story from every single website. Dont respond to me with remarks like that.

Whoever gets the story first, gets on N4G. Everything else is a dupe.

Nineball21125062d ago

Ya, I'm about already sick of it and it has even come to market yet. This has got to be about the 20th article in the past 3 days about this.

sack_boi5062d ago (Edited 5062d ago )

If it's true, then this is probably one of the two E3 megatons ListenUp was talking about.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi5062d ago

Thats the most off topic comment i read all day.

lloyd_wonder5062d ago

At first I thought the logo looked pretty weird, but later found out that it looks quite similar to...

DMasta7185062d ago

"RIP X360"

Why do you want a console to die?

Anyway, IMO it's a lil too early for PS3 design. Only been out for 2.5 years but I would by a slim down PS3 just for my living room

Baka-akaB5062d ago

Kingdizzi that comment is sadly a bit silly here . Since people dont have to click on the original story to see most of the content .

LIke how we can comment on Hiphopgamer's conjectures wihout actually giving him the hits he doesnt deserve

callahan095062d ago

Wow, this rumor really took off. When Anthony Severino first brought us this rumor from his website, Playstation Lifestyle, a couple of days ago, everyone was calling him out saying that he's putting his reputation on the line with this rumor and it better be true. I was a bit worried for him there, because he's a good man and his website gets a lot of good scoops. If this turns out true, then holy crap give Sev his props people!

lalalala5062d ago

is it just me who thinks that the "PS3" pictured here looks too big and flat? Looks ugly imo, i hope it doesn't look like this if it is coming

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Sev5062d ago

I have been saying it for a while now.

The PS3 slim is coming, and those leaked photos are real.

Pennywise5062d ago

Exactly... you sprung the news and every single article after your release is SPAM - DUPE - ANNOYING.

Good job Sev, keep it up. Still waiting to get my mind blown.

Sev5062d ago

If Sony would hurry the hell up an finish booking E3 appointments...

SnuggleBandit5062d ago

i don't know whether or not to believe sev. i guess time will tell...anyways can't wait to see if its actually true and see PSLS's big surprise lol

Lucreto5062d ago (Edited 5062d ago )

Sev so these pictures are true?

It looks horrible not pleasing to the eye at all. It looks bigger than the current PS3's just a little flatter. I expected it to be half the size and be considerably smaller like the PS1 and PS2.

That has to be a unfinished prototype or an unfinished model as I won't buy anything that looks like that.

Stefan Urquelle5062d ago

And hey, if you're wrong you can always just remove all evidence of the article from your site like you did with the logo fiasco from yesterday.

-EvoAnubis-5062d ago

It's a real burden, being right so often.

Sev5062d ago (Edited 5062d ago )

Why wouldn't I remove it? I removed the author as well.

It was an embarrassment that it wasn't researched properly before being published.

I am adding you to my list of haters that I will be putting in their place soon.

EDIT: @ Below, looks like I got another stalker on my hands. Anyway, I left the article up as long as it was on N4G. Once it was down on N4G, there was no reason to keep it up.

Stefan Urquelle5062d ago

"I would delete the article at the source but I feel as though that would make us look like cowards and unwilling to admit that the logo was old."

Then you went ahead and deleted it. Do the math.

Slime5062d ago

For those that missed it the first time.

Sev1512 = gamesblow

Lucreto5062d ago (Edited 5062d ago )

EvoAnubis- But there will always be doubters. For example I was given my Summer exam by my lecturer. I knew the questions and the answers but there is still doubt in my mind if that was the exam.

In this instance we have picture evidence and confirmation from Sev (who I hold in high regard) of what could be a slim PS3 but I still doubt it is real.

edit Slime that is funny coming from you.

-EvoAnubis-5062d ago

Doubt we have no issue with. It's the people obsessed with proving us wrong which is more annoying. Doubt is natural when being presented with something that goes against conventional wisdom and/or knowledge. That's fine. However, the people with the unhealthy obsessions with Sev here and myself on GFAQs is a different story.

It doesn't matter, really; when we finally show what we've been sitting on for a bit over a month, it should shut some people up. Then after E3, no one with common sense will doubt us again, nor listen to those who do.

tordavis5062d ago

Sev, notice how IGN gave you ZERO credit...yeah.

-EvoAnubis-5062d ago

Well, Tor, at least G4 sourced us.

dantesparda5062d ago (Edited 5062d ago )

But anybody who thinks he's Gamesblow is a complete and utter idiot, they dont act anything like each other. Gamesblow was a real moody guy, whereas Sev is far more even tempered and a much cooler guy. But whatever i wont convince the dumbasses, peace out you dumb b!tches!


Disccordia5062d ago

I don't think the technology is there to reduce the size of the PS3 at the moment. There is no doubt that Sony will do this eventually but if you look at the PS2 slim, it came out in 2004, 4 years after the initial release. Advancements in techs have become slower over the last couple of years, and so I can't see it happening until 2011 at the earliest.

I do respect everyones opinions on this and especially the guys at PSLS, but they haven't always been right and imo, a couple of dodgy photos prove nothing.

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pwnsause5062d ago (Edited 5062d ago )

when there are photos online that prove that its in production and that they are building it in a PS3 factory in China, why should one deny yourself that it cant be true? that plastic material thats being used on that model looks cheap, cheaper than the plastic used on the PS3 right now, i see production cuts after this, which means a cheaper PS3 at retail.

KingDizzi5062d ago

I see no reason why this would not be true, Sony are the kings when it comes to downsizing their consoles. My guess is that by the end of the year this baby will be on the shelves.

30% increase in PS3 sales is what Sony expect so something is going to happen.

KingDizzi5062d ago

It seems Sony is also going to have a very juicy E3, I for one thought with all the great games announced the show would be centered around them. With Heavy Rain also being shown during next weeks GTTV it seems Sony are getting most of the announced stuff out the way for the new materials.