In Japan, What Controllers Are Popular?

A Japanese poll has popped up in which folks have been voting for their favorite game controller. Not that many people have voted, but it's an interesting list so far. As of writing, here are the most popular ones:

Sega Saturn Controller: 74 votes
Super Famicom Controller: 28
Mega-Drive Fighting Pad: 27
Nintendo 64 Controller: 19
PS2 Real Arcade Pro. Special Edition: 14
Dreamcast Controller: 13
PS2 Sega Saturn Controller: 13
XBOX Controller: 12
GameCube Controller: 12

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Robert223884278d ago

What's a "Sega Saturn"?


Maddens Raiders4278d ago

ranked below the Mega-Drive Fighting Pad? Simply a travesty. What's wrong with people? XD

level 3604277d ago

Can someone please post a picture for each of the best control pads? I wanna see the difference... Thanks.