First Ever Guitar Hero 5 Details

Xboxinsider writes: A load of new information on Guitar Hero 5 has just been released via a Activision press release, and the new features are looking great! First off the bat is the news that bands can be made up of a mixture of different instruments. Now I know your thinking "I could do that in Guitar Hero World Tour!", well that's kind of true….but how about two drummers? Three guitars and a microphone? Maybe even a bass guitar orchestra!

Two new multiplayer game modes have also been announced, "Party Play" and "Rockfest", along with probably the best news…All DLC from World Tour will be compatible with Guitar Hero 5! Win! Press release after the jump!

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Frulond5015d ago

how many Guitar Heros we'll have? 4? smash hits, metallica, van halen and GH5?

wow... activision milk that cow!