New Wave of Xbox Live Video Coming

A&E, Paramount, National Geographic Channel, and New Line Cinema content top the freshest batch of downloadable films and television on Marketplace.

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BlackCountryBob4275d ago

Wow, thats great but how about releasing ANY movie or TV content in the UK! If you don't I don't see the point of the elite outside the USA.

P4KY B4275d ago

What is MS reason for not releasing downloadable TV in the UK?

BlackCountryBob4275d ago

They say that they intend to do it in the future but they have not negotiated with the channels! I guess there is also some difficulty with US tv shows like 24 and BSG.

No reason a few movies couldn't go up though.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4275d ago

They were testing the waters with a new service. This is why the wait they didn’t know it would be a success, Canadians don’t get it yet ether. Its nothing personal it’s just that it’s a new service never used before on a gaming console and they needed to be sure.

hamburgerhill4275d ago

This is great news and I do hope that you guys in the UK get this service as well soon! It seems like the shows that sell the dvd series pack each year are not appearing like Lost, Smallville, and Heros which would be perfect additions to the service and sell like hot cakes!

nicodemus4275d ago

For whatever stupid reason--copyright, baloney, whatever--they're not allowing Marketplace to release in Europe. I don't think it's Microsoft holding it back, because marketplace could be fairly profitable in Europe, just like in the US, and why deny themselves another mass of potential buyers?

The Elite releases in Europe a little bit after the US. My guess--- Microsoft is in negotiations with certain movie/tv people, and they're trying to find a solution to copyright issues. Hopefully, otherwise what's the point of releasing Elite at all?

Mattey4275d ago

us Canadians dont have the video market place yet and im starting to feel left out

RAM MAGNUMS4275d ago

These foreigners have to get the video marketplace. Its is great. Im in the u.s. and there are butt loads of movies, tv shows. They even got it in HD. depending on your service downloads could be a while are really fast. the best part is you can play something while you wait for the download.