Another analyst speaks: It's Xbox 360 for the US! [X360]

That's right, folks. Yet another US-based business analyst has chucked his hat into the ring, this time predicting that the Xbox 360 will be the next-gen consoles market leader. Sigh. You know, what we'd really like to do is get all these guys together in a room, lock the door, shout 'FIGHT' through the letterbox and retire to a safe distance...

The controversial soothsayer in this instance is one Bill Kreher of A.G. Edwards financial consultants. In a recent interview with Next Generation Bill has even taken the brave/foolish step to quantify Microsoft's dominance of the American market, stating that the Xbox 360's "first mover advantage" will see the console attain a 38% share by 2009. Well, if the Xbox 360 really does have, as Bill reckons, a five million headstart over the PS3 in the USA he's probably not a mile off! In the meantime the Wii will have a 34% slice of the pie, leaving just 28% for the PS3. Ouch!

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TheMART4277d ago

And that's the way it is.

USA is 360 on top. Last month the PS3 sold 130k, the 360 sold about 240k. During all the months of the 360 sales, it was between 200k and 300k. The PS3 decreases to a very low level.

Japan isn't structural for PS3 either. They just decreased again, only selling about 20k. The XBOX is known to have a weak appeal there, but on those 20k that doesn't differ as much as USA the 360 almost sell double the PS3 numbers.

Europe now is about selling the same (comparing launch 360 with shortages 500k and the PS3 600k without shortages), but I am curious what PS3 will do after launch in sales. I bet the same way USA and Japan did. Going down in sales.

Which means the PS3 can't play catch up on those 11 million 360 users at this time. The 360 will only gain ground and increase it's advantage.

Simple as that. Or they need to go sell PS3's to some new to discover aliens that are so dumb that Sony can push it's non standard bluray videoplayer right up their arses. Wait a minute, are all PS3 buyers on planet earth not body snatching aliens already? That could be an explanation for all that mindless fony fanboys running around like a chicken without a head!

gooner4277d ago

go add the figures for japan america and europe this month you will see ps3 is coming up very fast

Razzy4277d ago

Mart must be on M$'s payroll or something.

Lebauski4277d ago

"Japan isn't structural for PS3 either. They just decreased again, only selling about 20k. The XBOX is known to have a weak appeal there, but on those 20k that doesn't differ as much as USA the 360 almost sell double the PS3 numbers. "

You're joking, right? Here are the numbers for March 12 - 18 for Japan:
PlayStation3 = 21.635
Xbox 360 = 2.910

That's seven! times higher. And it's even more impressive when related to population.

Population Japan 130 million
Population USA 300 million

...ahhh we see: It's really going bad in japan for Sony!

nix4277d ago (Edited 4277d ago )

THAT WAS NEWS FROM THE FART-LAND. now... let's get back to planet earth.



JasonPC360PS3Wii4277d ago (Edited 4277d ago )

You know I talk a lot about the pride I have in American products (specifically the 360) but you Europeans sure do make a hell of a lot of great FPS, better so than in the US (accept for a few like Halo) because you guys pump out so many. So I guess we all have a little pride in gaming, if it weren’t for publishers like UBI Microsoft might just be left out in the cold. It’s a great thing that Microsoft has such a good relationship with European devs because you guys make some killer apps with western appeal, its just to bad its taken so long for Japan to see this. I know this isn’t topic I just thought to give a shout out to European game makers and gamers, see you all on Live (when I come back from vacation)

PS ever notice how the PS3 fans that respond to you can’t compete, they always lose and just end up steeling your bubbles. They just cant accept the hard COLD HARD FACT that there are three consoles now. You a$$hole ivory tower Sony fans need to learn to deal with this (Fact) and if you can't deal, I suggest you seek professional help. I’m sorry that this gen isn’t such an easy win for you or your overpriced DVD player but you whining petition signing PS3 fans need to grow up and smell reality. You find my truth offensive get over it, its called (free speech) Three consoles dudes 3 not two learn to accept it or don’t game. Wait you support the PS3 that’s means you don’t game you watch movies LOL.

ammojoe man I allways have to answer this, Yes I know the parts are made in other countries (its like this with allmost all electronic companies) what matters is Microsoft is American. My modo is Buy American not made in America pay attention.

ammojoe4277d ago

@Jason: Dude, you do know that the xbox360 is manufactured in Taiwan right?? Not that I blame them because if it was manufactured in the US it would cost twice as much. We live in a world economy now and have for some time. If you want to back a company that is entirely American you are way off with Microsoft. Get with it bumpkin.. :P

Keyser4277d ago

I like both systems but that comment was so off bas I had to reply. Sony didn't even believe that they would over take the 360 from Nov to March. They had a great launch in Europe. The PS3 still doesn't have any 2nd generation games out unlike the 360. They've sold many consoles on mostly power alone. I'm not going to say wait and see when they do shell out 2nd generation games. People still may not pay the price for the system but if the games are good enough they will come. That's the same thing for MS. Being first may not be enough. They have to make games people want. Halo 3 has to be better than Gears and Resistance. Lots of things have to happen before a winner will be declared.
The 360 is selling well with Gears and on the doorstep of Halo 3 but you still haven't seen the best of what the PS3 has to offer. 4months into the race is far too early to declare the 360 the US system. The PS3 and the Wii have just started the race. The Wii is right on their heels...or wrists...

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xfrgtr4277d ago

And thats the way it is:
"NDP figures show it to be selling slightly faster in the US than the Xbox 360 did at the same stage in its release. Paul O'Donovan, principal analyst at Gartner, is fully aware that the Wii is currently outselling the Xbox 360 and PS3 but still expects the "PS3 to outsell Wii and 360 by the end of 2007"

nix4277d ago (Edited 4277d ago )

did the guy know about elite when he said this or not? is elite going to push down 360 sales (knowing for around 150 dollars more you can get PS3) or is elite going to boost the sales!

by the way, if a guy who already owns 360, sells it and buys elite.. will it be considered as a new buyer? i mean will there be things like - for eg. -> 360 buyers (10 million) + elite buyers (1 million) = 11 million.

how do we know exactly how big is the 360 fan base? how is it going to be calculated?

@the king (below):

dude... i said for example (eg. stands for example). hope you went to school atleast once in your lifetime. the number was just there to drive the point and are fictious. cool?

KingJames19064277d ago

Full Disclosure: I'm a 360 owner for one year, four months. I'm disappointed that the Elite version of the 360 is out now (I would have bought that one instead.) I fell MS could have released it back in Nov 2005 and had three SKU's. With that being said I'm not sure where your getting these numbers (although I'm sure there coming from a place that the sun don't shine. = A$$) If I as a premium owner were to sell my 360 to say someone who doesn't have one and I were to by the Elite, wouldn’t that make 1 new 360 premium buyer and 1 new Elite buyer for a total of 2 360's sold (MS already has the sale of premium now you just add the Elite.) That's a decision that all current 360 owners have to make (Hold or Stay.) I will admit some will probably even go. It seems to me that MS could increase their user base. Unless someone sells their old 360 to a Buy/Sell Gamming store. But then the Buy/Sell Gamming store could potentially have more stock of used 360's at an even better entry price for someone on the fence between PS3 and 360. The point is that MS could potentially expand the numbers of the 360 community, which seems to be all that people are looking at, not the games or quality of the games, which I think is sad.

Monchichi0254277d ago

With no Fanboy view or anything, this is how it will probably will go down

USA: Xbox 360
Europe: PS3
Japan: Nintendo Wii

Worldwide: 1. Wii
2. 360
3. PS3 Very close in sales tho

Why you may say?!? Because of simple economics. Just because we as gamers tend to think the world revolves around these three areas, it does not. Wii has the greatest buzz right now and will atract a market not normally into the videogame market. It is also incredibly affordable so people from other countries we don't think of will buy it over the other two systems, increasing market share.

The 360 will probably come in 2nd due to it being attractive in both price and technology compared to a PS3. It's large videogame library will not hurt either.

The PS3 will come in at a very close third which will be a Huge win for Sony as there Blu-Ray push will win them the DVD format war. The sole reason for not winning the videogame market is PRICE, a calculated decision they knew would decrease market share in the videogame market, but in the end the Blu-Ray victory will be more profitable.

ASSASSYN 36o4277d ago


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