NCsoft PS3 game at E3 09

Moderator Solution of Playfire has confirmed that NCsoft will announce a PlayStation 3 related game at E3 09. He said the following:

NCsoft will make a announcement on E3 (PS3 related) that will most likely be a MMO too.

Still remains a rumor but with checking his previous statements he always seem to be correct. So what can we expect? Guild wars 2 on PS3 or something else? Sony and NCsoft confirmed that they had a deal for a couple of games, will the first one be announced at the E3?

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GWAVE5318d ago

Guild Wars or City of Heroes would be cool.

Myst5318d ago

Oh I remember Blade and Soul, but have heard nothing as of late from it; it certainly would be nice to see that.

As for Gwave I agree, played both and they were rather fun. I'd personally like to see a new concept like blade and soul for PS3 instead; but I cannot deny CoH and CoV were both fun when I was playing.

Xandet5317d ago

Wow. Never seen or heard of that game before.. looks gorgeous. I've never seen an MMO look so good and play so fluidly. Depending on a monthly fee, I'd pick this game up for my PS3 in an instant. I'll definitely be keeping my fingers crossed for this to be the NCsoft game announced at E3..

zoneofenders5317d ago

i would like to see blade&soul too.
however, blade and soul was made in UE3...

WhittO5317d ago

Omg PLEASE be Guild Wars !!

At the same time i hope they dont make the game totally for a console because that may be crappy for PC users !

I'll prob get it for PC aswell, but guessing the ps3 will get some exclusive content.

If its another game that would be great, if it was free online that would help that game ALOT !!

I think NCsoft are overdue with what they are doing with Guild Wars, its been years lol.

5317d ago
ruibing5317d ago

Guild Wars (either 1 or 2) would be nice. I've been trying to move away from PC gaming so I'd definitely try a free to play MMO on the PS3.

ps921175317d ago

Please no city of hero, we already have a marvel based mmo perhaps even 2, I certainly don't want a third. I would to love see guild wars perhaps remove level cap aswell.

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Godmars2905318d ago

though I'm actually hoping for Blade and Soul. Or Aion.

Naucious5318d ago

im not a massive MMO person so they might have to blow my mind on this one. If they do announce something hopefully they show some type of live feed or trailer to start up the hype.

DEADEND5318d ago

Please for the love of God let it be Blade and Soul for the PS3, just release it early to mid 2010.

Sangria5318d ago

Awesome !
I waited for it so much, i can't wait to see what it will be.