Xbox 360 Hardware Failure Survey - 59% Fail

Out of the 2181 survey submissions:

891 (40.85%) say they have NOT had a console fail
825 (37.83%) say they've had one console fail
465 (21.32%) say they've had more than one console fail

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Blackmoses4280d ago

This will probably never get approved or see the light of day.

OldSchoolGamer4280d ago

Oh wait I shouldnt approve this stuff Im a fan boy lol

MrFurious4280d ago

Here is the truth, M* just produce unreliable hardware, as they do not have expertise, experience, R&D and quality control as SONY has.
PS3 is much more reliable system than any M$ production, hahaaa poor XBOX fans...

dantesparda4280d ago (Edited 4280d ago )

doesnt surprise me, mine broke, and my friends broke too. And thats all the people i know that have it. Have fun killing each other over this fanboys.

And to the nut below me "Bladestar", of course you dont believe internet polls, when they say something bad about the 360, but of course you do believe them when its something bad about the PS3. All you people are just blind fanboys, and cant see anything straight, or without your fanboy goggles. Stop drinking that Kool-aid people, its not doing you no good

We've been hearing about this since day 1, 360's have been breaking down left and right. And fanboys refuse to accept it. How many 360 fanboys on this site alone have admitting to it happening to them? MANY! And because of the fanboyism, the breaking of the console is accepted and not outraged against.

BIadestarX4280d ago

Call this a coincidense or not... But I wouldnt trust an online survey for this kind of things. If this would be done against the PS3 I am sure it would have the same results. Fanboys would be more than happy to spend their valuable time responding negatively even if they never owned the console. If the failure of the console would be 59%, I guarantee you consumer affair would force a major recall.

THWIP4280d ago

Anyone who believes this to be even CLOSE to accurate, is a moron. :o

Bathyj4280d ago

I do agree but that an online survey is not entirely accurate. Aside from people flat out lying (which hopefully is a small number) more people who'se xboxes have broken than people who'se hadn't would participate. As in not many would do a survey just to say everythings fine, but if it did break you would want to complete it.

Still it's an awfully high number and I dont buy M$'s 3-4% failure rate at all. I've had 3 myself, the first one on launch day and there are just to many stories about it for everyone to be lying.

M$ need to front up to the fact that this isn't acceptable. Its getting ridiculous.

artman4280d ago

but hey, I also one of the victim here, even I didn't get a chance to join the survey.

anyway ... 4 of 8 people I know who have 360 also get the same problem, most of the get the red light within 6 month.
all of us can't get an exchange hardware though. there is no warranty in my country.

it's pretty a lot of trouble... or maybe M$ sold all the refurbished product to my country... I know most of the shop here like to import refurbished things, especially PSP. not sure about the DS, my DS is fine... my PSP's down button is a bit problem.
but my PS2, XBOX (1) and PS3 are fine.

Merovee4280d ago (Edited 4280d ago )

But yeah of all people to agree with... BS would be my last, but even though My PS3 has been flawless since launch my buddies has not, nor was my 360 (and after 5 failures I'm done with MS til' they show me MS hardware can be something OTHER than pure garbage) while my friends was pristine.

Frankly neither of us are really "fanboys" but we both have our favorite and we know all the "ONLY RUMORS" about their competitors is actually pretty justifiable for all the consoles. Even Wii has a severe level of dumb craptasticness attached to it (it does really wear out quickly like a fad... sorry y'all)

All we really want to know is, WTF happened to quality of product, not quality of service as honestly, they're all good in their own, highly cool ways. But even pending EVERY system having something great to offer, we seem to have sacrificed hardware integrity.

IMHO, it kinda sux bad. And as for all the hardcores saying that it won't ever break... Well ive met more than my share of people who prefer one console even though it HAS broken on every side. Deal, ok!?! This is the "Disposable Gen of Tech", Apple started it with Ipod and EVERYONE has suffered since.

Rasputin20114280d ago

I agree with Blade Star...Like if an online poll came out that stated that 47% for PS3 owners stated that their PS3 can take them to the moon...would we all believe that trash?? any fool could go online and state that their 360 broke or that their PS3 takes them to the moon on the weekends!

Bill Nye4279d ago (Edited 4279d ago )

1. 2,500 is more than enough for an accurate sample.

2. They use gamertags to make sure the person actually owns a 360 (so faking it would be extremely tedious unless you had access to hundreds of gamertags).

3. This is easy to believe considering we see these "failure" stories all over the web (even in these comments).

4. You rarely "failure" stories for PS3 floating around.

5. I own a 360 and I've had no problems outside of disc read errors.

BIadestarX4279d ago

Need access to lots of gamertags? Here is a source.
all you have to do is check the forums. I am not saying that people did that, but the use of gamertags proves nothing unless their poll was linked to microsoft database and required gamertag authentication the way major nelson website does.

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OldSchoolGamer4280d ago

I can't disagree I got mine in March and I'm on my third.

uxo224280d ago

Are you talking this current month of march, because if you are then you are FOS, there's no way you have received 2 xbox360 from microsoft with 1 month. If you are talking March 06, they you may want to state the year.

BTW, online surveys are about as controlled as American Idol

OldSchoolGamer4280d ago

sorry for the confusion, lol no way I could be on my third if it was this year buddy a little common sense it takes 2 weeks to get one back.

BubblesDAVERAGE4280d ago

I would call it a lie when MS say its 5% I would say around 15-25%.....because i know at least three people outta 7 who have had xbox problems

DJ4280d ago

15%. That's still a huge percentage though considering how many have been sold.