King of Fighters XII Has DLC, Console Specific Online Modes

King of Fighters XII has a different set of options in the online menu depending on the console. On the PlayStation 3 players can pick "Clan" which is not found in the Xbox 360 menu. Instead the menu has an option for a "ranked match." Clan mode is a bulletin board (BBS) like system where players can post messages and issue challenges.

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Forrest Gump4180d ago

Looks like I'll have to get the Ps3 version now.

GWAVE4180d ago

But Xbox Live....I was told you were superior. Why can't you support a clan mode?

-MD-4180d ago

Xbox Live in itself is a clan mode.

Dragun6194180d ago

I Don't get why they just don't put the same features for both. Likewise for Street Fighter 4.

FamilyGuy4180d ago (Edited 4180d ago )

more games would do what they want for each system. If one can have an additional feature or better graphics or better AI just friggin do it.

Don't gimp both because of each ones weaknesses (lowest common denominator theory) just make as great a game as you can for each system.

No one cared during the PS2,Xbox, Game Cube days...

Unreal tournament 3 let PS3 players have mods, why havn't other multi-platform games done this seeing as sony seems fine with it.

I did not murder him4180d ago

Nah all that stuff is built into XBL already. PSN lacks it so they added these things to the PS3 game. This is how they're making the game the same.

ceedubya94180d ago

I'd have to go with the version that I have my Street Fighter Fightpad for. Definitely a can't miss game for KOF fans. We've waited a long time for this update. Too bad the storyline isn't continuing with this installment.

callahan094180d ago (Edited 4180d ago )

How exactly is Xbox Live in itself a bulletin board system where you can issue challenges & post messages?

pwnsause4180d ago (Edited 4180d ago )

"Xbox Live in itself is a clan mode."

LMAO what a spin. XBL is a service, just like PSN. Clans are making a team.

EDIT: LMAO on Phantom Disagree

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-MD-4180d ago

"Clan mode is a bulletin board (BBS) like system where players can post messages and issue challenges."

Sort of like the Xbox Live guide button?

KionicWarlord2224180d ago

What? clan mode? thats amazing...

-MD-4180d ago

Clan mode for a fighting game? Why?

Rmagnus4180d ago

get a group of friends form a team, utterly destroy someonelse's team, get reward points of sorts, unlock items? Sound good no?

KKanjiAnkh4180d ago

Because it's basically like when you go to the arcade and put your quarter on the bottom edge of the cabinet.

This is how EVO tourneys become bigger, and think of it as you not being skilled in all characters, but your friends compliment your style.

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