Why Announcing Final Fantasy XIII For The Xbox 360 Is Only The Beginning

Master Samo writes: "Gamers need to realize that when Final Fantasy XIII was announced, last year, as a multiplatform title, the subliminal message that was sent by Microsoft due to that announcement was quite clear. Regardless of whether or not gamers would actually admit it, the undeniable fact remains that such an announcement is destined to create a paradigm shift in the way people view Microsoft forever.

If you pay close attention to the Square-Microsoft relationship and its progression, you would begin to notice a pattern materializing before your very eyes. The pattern is more like water testing. Let me explain,..."

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GWAVE4957d ago (Edited 4957d ago )

It's only the beginning? Only the beginning of what.....treating multiplatform announcements like huge revelations? Wait. No, because no one seemed to care when two of the 360's biggest game went over to PS3 (Ninja Gaiden and Bioshock). What is it the beginning of?

If it was the "old" Squaresoft, I would be angry at their current BS (like saying "we're a multiplatform company" and then not delivering). Unfortunately, Squarenixidos has become a terrible, money-grubbing company with barely an ounce of talent left.

dktxx24957d ago

If squares leadership is even slightly competent, they'll cut the exclusive xbox crap. It's obviously isn't working out for them.

Master Samo4957d ago (Edited 4957d ago )

Thank you for your comments.
God Bless You All
Master Samo

TrevorPhillips4956d ago

great article master samo read the whole thing I thought it was very interesting