The Great Games: ICO

ICO doesn't begin all that spectacularly. You awake to find yourself inside a castle with little idea of what to do or where to go. In that manner, it very much mimics many classics such as the original NES The Legend of Zelda. There's a story and a goal, but you're going to have to figure that out as you go. It's part of the brilliance of the game.

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GWAVE3538d ago

Fnatastic game. Both ICO and Shadow of the Colossus (which is the prequel) are great games. Can't wait for the upcoming Team ICO PS3 exclusive.

pippoppow3537d ago

It seemed like only yesterday....ahhh..I was in BB looking around browsing the gaming section when there it was..ICO A game of such profound artistic presentation that compelled to to purchase a PS2 after a few days days of purchase reaffirmation due to memory flashbacks of that moment. HAHA, seriously though this game just oozes quality and is a classic in every sense of the word. Can't wait for the next game from TEAM ICO.