Major Nelson tries to explain Marketplace content delays

Our good friend Major Nelson noticed the complaining about the fact that Marketplace content like the Prey demo and Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting still isn't available. He has tried to explain the reasoning behind these delays and blames the extensive certification process. The Major doesn't know when the stuff is released and he asks for sympathy. He draws the comparison between Marketplace contents delays and general games delays, "let me ask you how many times have you gone to a game store or checked your favorite gaming website and found out that the release date of your highly anticipated title was moved?", he said.

Nodoze6180d ago

Let me thank the Major firsthand for assisting to manage MY expectations. Personally he should call George at 3d Realms, as I am only a consumer, whereas he is a producer of content that needs to be posted to sell. With that out of the way, I have to then ask, why are Street Fighter, Pac Man, Galaga, and Frogger already on the partner marketplace for publications? Sounds to me like they have passed 'certification' and are being held!

I don't mind guaging my expectations, but what the hell takes so long to certify demo releases?? I guess Chromehounds is still going through this extensive process almost two full months after it was released to MS??

EVER OLVERA6180d ago

It would help if we knew a few details concerning the certification process in order to further understand the delays...Maybe the demos are complete, but MS rather delays the demos in order to insure any security breaches to the 360, who knows...

FamoAmo6180d ago

I agree it would be nice to know the process!!

Thor1j16180d ago

until its strategically usefull to them. like at e3, or the begining of spring, fall. i think right now is important. alot of angry people around going into a time when the competitors are launching. what happens if prey, chromehounds and bfme2 suck? in the winter we had cod2, spring we had graw/oblivion, and now its summer and no AAA title. i highly doubt we get one until september if then.

Scrooge6180d ago

MS said that XBL arcade is a great place for small developers to get their games noticed. Who's gonna make games for XBL arcade if the process to make them available is so difficult? MS needs to find another way to certify this content, cause this isn't working. It needs to be more efficient!

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