The perfect Microsoft E3 conference

E3 is just around the corner, and Microsoft is set to kick things off on June 1 with its pre-E3 conference. Last year the platform holder made headlines by announcing that Square would bring Final Fantasy XIII to the Xbox 360 in the West at the same time as the PS3 version. This year..

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Show me Alan Wake with huge details. Show me Duke Nukem Forever coming to the 360. Show me games that AREN'T using the Unreal 3 tech. Show me some FIRST party games. You better wow the hell out of me, otherwise you're going to look limper then George Bush Jr's handshake Microsoft. We already know what to expect from Sony and they're going to knock you into tomorrow, unless YOU show them something hard and ugly. Don't glass chin yourself this time around. Multiplatforms do not make a company. Your own unique games and brands do.

HighDefinition5255d ago

MSFT needs to do something BIG, cause sh!t ain`t looking to good in "XboxLand" right now.

Aquanox5255d ago (Edited 5255d ago )

Finally, an article that doesn't fall for the currently popular, yet utterly illogical, wave of "Oh noes MS has NO games for this year".

Microsoft is cooking something, and they don't want you to know what it is until it's time. E3 has been moved to June for the simple reason that July was way too late for major announcements hence the full 2008 lineup was confirmed by last year's E3. This time around things are different and MS changed strategy radically - A healthy sign of a company that adapts to changing realities - They decided to remain silent the full first half of the year, while trolls all over the net partied over a match that hasn't even started.

If you take note, Sony hasn't pronounced a single word about the lack of Xbox titles for the rest of the year. Reason? They're much more intelligent than the average troll and know this can't be it. Only after E3 we can start talking about the second half of this year, not before.

lokiroo4205255d ago (Edited 5255d ago )


even if MS announces big things at e3 half a year has been wasted, hence the no games argument. Even after e3 it going to be a sit and wait for release, so how much of a year can you sit on big announcements, seems to me they are trying to put too many eggs in the one basket.


like I said, those 3 are nothing to brag and argue over, dlc and halo wars, star ocean is in the middle. 6 months gone, e3 comes, MS announces some games that will be released in 4 months and your supporting that strategy. How about, now get this, being someone who worries about the games and MS's bottom line, MS isnt blowing sony out of the water, for all we know its neck and neck. I dont see how that strategy helps anyone outside MS in any way.

Aquanox5255d ago


Wasted? I don't see how. They have enjoyed strong sales since the beginning of the year. The only real threat was Killzone 2 in terms of exclusive, but even then, MS managed to keep outperforming (sales wise) with Halo Wars, Star Ocean and GTA IV DLC. Sure, there's been 3 dry months but it's clearly part this year's strategy to focus on the most important half of the year. They couldn't have this luxury last year with the PS3 price cut and MGS4, but thigs are different now and they're acting accordingly.

I wouldn't be worried at all if you're talking about marketing. If Microsoft does something right, that's marketing their games and the big waves usually start around 1-2 months before the games are released.

Alcon5255d ago

I don't think anyone has to worry that much. They'll have some good games this year, like Mass Effect 2, Alan wake, the new Splinter Cell game (and others I'm forgetting), and I'm sure there will be some nice surprises shown at E3.
Besides, I really do think the new AAA games come in cycles. Yes this year's Xbox exclusive might be a bit less than other years, but I think that will change next year.
Its the same for the PS3. They did not have a lot of exclusives 1 or 2 years ago. And now all those games come around (like GOWIII, KZ2, Uncharted2, ect). It always takes time to come out with those kinda games. I mean, when are we going to see the next GOW (or just next Santa Monica game), or the next uncharted, those games won't come out at least 1 or (if its a new Ip) maybe 2 years!
Maybe I'm wrong , but I really do think those things come in cycles, and I really don't think Microsoft will do that badly this year. They have been silent until now, and I think thats because they want to make a big impression at E3. So its just wait and see. I really do think Microsoft will have a good show at E3.

Beast_Master5255d ago

Microsoft could just show Halo and Alan Wake, and they would automatically be better than Nintendo! lol. Sony finally has all their big guns hitting the platform this year and I don't think MS will have near the content that Sony will have this year.

That being said MS is not in the position that they have to 'beat' Sony at E3 this year. They know they will have a Halo or Gears game to show at E3 for the next couple of years, throw in a Fable and Rare project every year and their plans are set.

Hildor_muthafo5255d ago

Microsoft could come out on top this E3. But I must say, this was the first good E3 related article that I've read. For once something that didn't seem like complete fan boy pipe dreams.

Would be really cool if they make a new Perfect Dark.. cuz the last one kinda sucked.

IaMs125255d ago

I truely think MS is doing the right thing about being quiet because either way we wont be disappointed, because if they hype up something you know almost every time its not as good as they say it is. Well, since they are quiet its going to be better! lol. I mean ya we all wish for this and that and truly in the end you disappoint yourself not MS, they never said anything.

Plus MS always said they like to always over deliver on their stuff.

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zoneofenders5255d ago

this year, SE will cancel the PS3 version of FFXIII ?
sorry, i didnt read the article...

Master-Baiter5255d ago

don't apologise cos you can't read,
it's not your fault,
it's sociey's

Major_Tom5255d ago

2.1 -
don't apologise cos you can't spell,
it's not your fault,
it's sociey's

masterofpwnage5255d ago

when media and 360 fans really want mgs4 still when it been like what almost a year old game.
i say let them have it, they must be really desperate for games. Imean all this talking like they dont want it, but everytime e3 comes there always like
"Mgs4 is coming to 360 for sure omg"
sad 360 fan.
watch it will be funny if konami gives them like a multiplatform and 360 fan will be like "oh shiit we gnna get the better one"
i notice thats the only thing they say now.
no more "our exclusive is better".

Mr_Bun5255d ago

You can't really blame 360 owners for wanting MGS4...It is amazing. To be fair, I am glad that PS3 owners had a chance to play Bioshock which was a year old port.

devilhunterx5255d ago

yea except MGS4 was amazing while Bioshock was all hype.

IaMs125255d ago

Yah well the ball bounces both ways because i remember all these Mass Effect articles as well as Gears of War.

And out of all those, MGS4 had the most potential to cross over because MGS had games on Xbox 1 as well. Mass Effect and Gears has never been on the PS brand once yet.

DA_SHREDDER5255d ago (Edited 5255d ago )

Im sorry but Microsoft needs to do more then just put out Duke Nukem and Alan Wake for E3. Im sure they got something up their sleeve but stealing 3rd party titles just isn't enough anymore. They need that must have exclusive FPS that isn't halo, and they need games that need more space then what the dvd 9 can deliver. I really doubt they will do that though. Such a pity because xbox live is second to none.

I think that the 360's hardware is really starting to show its age. I dont understand why games that aren't open world just come on 2 disc. That would solve all types of issues. All of these devs are just taking advantage of their being only 7 gigs of space on the dvd 9 and are ripping people off with their fast and easy business models. I mean cmon, even the ps2 disc had more space, and their were huge games on that system. San Andreas Anyone?

@ the Disagree

Dude, aren't you sick of playing games that could be bigger and better? I know I am. Also, Alan Wake is not gonna sell no matter how good it is because you 360 guys only care about FPS games and Halo.

Jinxstar5255d ago (Edited 5255d ago )

My big thing is Duke Nukem and Alan Wake are still both complete vaporware...

Look I know thats a big "I hate MS" sounding statement. Truthfully I get excited when a cool looking MS game comes out. I do. Usually because I know sooner or later it will be coming to PC because it's simply good business for MS to do that.

Truth is many people are waiting in the wings for a big "Killer instinct, Alan Wake, Duke Nukem" and we don't even get so much as a rumbling from any legitimate journalists but every week we here people who are legitimate journalists saying "I went to a really cool sony conference and saw stuff I can't talk about. E3 will be sweet though" but I never see those articles in regards to MS... If they have something then really I am excited but I am not holding out...

@ Pelvic. You crack me up dude every time. bubs for you.


You gotta have heart. You also gotta believe in the eye of the tiger.

Kashadoo5255d ago

Videogamer is ultra special MS fanboys. They'll post every sНit about it in very poetic way! How about actuall news you biased mothafuсkeys?

Nothing to discuss here.