1UP: " Everything We Know About GTA IV "

Liberty City is back. And it's the star of Rockstar's first Grand Theft Auto IV trailer titled "Things Will Be Different." Here's what we know so far:
#1 - Welcome to New York: As you can see in the trailer, the series has moved back to Liberty City (the fictional town based on New York). You can spot plenty of landmarks if you look carefully, from the Statue of Liberty to Times Square. It seems likely that one of Rockstar's key goals with this trailer was to show just how much can go on at once in the game, with tall buildings and tons of people moving around.

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biomajor094279d ago

I can't wair for this game to come out.

AseBoogie41324279d ago

I knew they werent doing new york! just a revamped liberty city! thats all i wanted! i'm good now, this game better be full of "extras" i was pissed that san andreas didnt have rampages i love those, i mean sam andreas had all kind of extras, but i thought they were a waste, this fall i will be a homebody, games or b'tches! hahahaha!

Havince4279d ago

no way is the main character russian (assuming he IS THE MAIN CHARACTER)

Thats a brilliant idea, playing as a foreigner in a strange world that he is not acustom 2. in other GTAs it was usually an american wasnt it ????? and the character KNEW people in the city he was in. I wonder if the story does actually start as him as a loner

SmokeyMcBear4279d ago

that trailer was such a tease, I want to know so much more. San Andreas was such a jump from the rest, Apaches and Harriers and Jets oh my. Hopefully this game will not only have a full state, it will have multiple countries, oh the possibilities. The graphics look crazy, just look at times square, and to think, I can kill all those people, oh joy. Yeah the russian is a welcome change to the story line, I can't wait to hear what the people of liberty city have to say, thats the funniest part, the random conversations, that and the talk radio station. Can't wait for the follow ups

AppleSlime4279d ago

This sis going to be an epic game, I already know it. I'm really liking how they're shying away from the Italian mafia again with this game, granted, I'm sure they'll show up. Rockstar are such showmen; news comes in a slow, steady stream with them.

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