Nintendo urge patience over Wii first-party titles

Speaking to UK business site, Nintendo's European marketing bigwig has urged fans to be patient over Wii first-party releases, and told the press that games won't be released until they are 'finished'.

"I would say that these titles - and this has always been the Nintendo policy - will be on the shelves when the director says so," Laurent Fischer told the website. "If the development team says they need one more month or two more months to deliver a unique Wii experience, we're comfortable with that."

Fischer promises that both Metroid Prime 3: Corruption and Super Mario Galaxy will hit the Wii later this year, and drew attention to the stream of new titles hitting the VC as sign of the Big N's commitment. The marketing boss added that limited production capacity had held back system sales, and that targets could have been 'smashed' were this not the case.

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