The King of Fighters XII ESRB Rating All But Rules Out Mai Shiranui

Kotaku writes: "Fighting fans hoping to see Fatal Fury femme fatale Mai Shiranui added to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 ports of The King of Fighters XII are likely going to be disappointed.

The ESRB has weighed in on the console versions of SNK Playmore's newest 2D fighter, giving it a T-rating. That's par for the course for The King of Fighters. But what potentially rules out appearances from jiggly, cleavage-baring contenders like Mai and B. Jenet is the lack of "suggestive themes," the kind of themes that could potentially offend those flustered by the exposure of too much flesh."

gambare5456d ago

That's a little lame, but it seems the devs wanted to be the KoF a T rating to get a wider audience, BUT, that can be fixed putting characters as Mai Shiranui and B. Jenet as DLC, either free or paid WITH other characters and features, the DLC is not rated before the release the game.. so... SNK Playmore if they are a little bit smart they can please all the KoF fans with this kind of ESRB avoid.

KKanjiAnkh5456d ago

All I know is when SNKP continues the Ash Arc, all H3!! is gonna break loose.

S M N5456d ago

they alwayes had T rating with Mai


Four Terrible Fighting Game Mechanics

GameDynamo - "Fighting games have enjoyed a period of spectacular growth after being a nearly nonexistent genre for so many years prior. Because of this sudden growth, we're seeing a lot of companies taking different approaches to the traditional fighting game formula that has stood since Street Fighter II first came onto the scene."

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CanadianTurtle4288d ago

The one that comes to mind most is the tripping for SSBB.


No sequel for Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online developer Cryptic has ruled out the possibility of it releasing a sequel to the game in future years - telling CVG it would rather constantly update its existing MMO.

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maxcer5107d ago

slow down, why release a sequel to an unfinished game?

Elven65107d ago

They never said they were going to do a sequel.

An expansion a few years down the line? Maybe, Star Trek Online is pretty good, it was released a bit early but most MMO's are now a days due to the "release now patch later" mentality. =/

maxcer5106d ago (Edited 5106d ago )

i took part in the closed/open beta and it was voiced by many people that the game needed more time. i understand mmos are an ever evolving process but the sheer amount of bugs at launch was amazing. I would love to see what WoW was like at beta and launch stages, i even hear that zones weren't seamless like they are today.

in the end, as a player, you want to be the first one out of the gate to play a game but you also have to put up with unrefined aspects of the game. i bet when the holidays roll around the game will be fairly solid.

you are right about STO, its a good game. its the best star trek game i have ever played in fact. (although its the only one)

SuperStrokey11235107d ago

Looks like someone in marketing told someone what to say lol

DeeBee5107d ago

I'm glad they aren't going to make a sequel. The current game is unfinished and flawed, they need to fix that first.

5107d ago
mushroomwig5107d ago

A sequel is the last thing people are thinking about right now, it's an online game! You don't need a sequel, you can just keep building the game and change the story arc for as long as you want.


King Of Fighters XII [PS3] Review - A Post-Mortem Post-Patch

The Start Screen reviews King Of Fighters XII for the PS3. They cover how far fighting games have come and with the showing that SNK Playmore's KOF XII, how far we need to go. The game was seemingly released incomplete with an time trial for an Arcade Mode and a seemingly broken online mode. Did the 772 MB patch help?

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