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techie4273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

The lighting looks great. SOunds kool. I'm not satisfied as didn't see enough.

At least its ingame.

They've come a long way since the ps1 days that's for sure! But being so realistic...might it take things too far? Going around a realistic new york and killing people with a machine gun? Putting bombs in cars and blowing vehicles up...? ...hmmm

Will be a nice contrast to the Getaway set in London.

GaMr-4273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

OMG The main character looks like a terrorist..

This game will be banned in less than a week. Get your copy ASAP. lol

Caxtus7504273d ago

that looked great! iv missed GTA! CAnt play other sandbox games...they just get boring compared to GTA (Crackdown anyone?)

and thank god the "gangsta and gang" phase is over!!! sheesh! Saints Row!!! ahhhh so lame!

ANyone notice the ALan WAke likess to their trailer?

InMyOpinion4273d ago

And what does a terrorist look like? Sounds a bit prejudice.

dissectionalrr4273d ago

have you ever seen a terrorist that WASN'T middle eastern? not counting the unibomber or timothy mcvey lol. sorry, but terrorist = middle eastern male. this is one case in which racial profiling DOES make sense. americans don't want to blow up american, towelheads do.

N4G_FANBOY_CRAP4273d ago

Yeah just a little bit prejudice

InMyOpinion4273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

I've seen a grayhaired fundamentalist christian terrorist named George. He manipulates his country through massmedial brainwashing to justify his cause - to steal other countries natural resources through war. Do you ever think "Hmmm, I wonder WHY they are attacking us?" Check out a documentary called Jesus Camp. Christians aren't any saner than muslims, it's all about interpretation. George W is an evangelist (one of the insane interpretations of the bible), almost goes without saying. Do you still feel uneasy when you're around people from the middle east? Muhammed Ali is muslim, does that make him a terrorist threat?

If your president isn't a terrorist, explain Guantanamo Bay (concentration camp). I'm sorry to say this but as long as you (yes you ,the people who voted for G.W.Bush) keep starting wars with countries for no legitamite reason (instead of using diplomacy) innocent people will have to take the blow, in both countries. Seems like you don't question your governments actions; As long as the president ends his speech with "God bless America" you're all for it. Scary indeed.

Your shady perspective on other cultures isn't helping.

dachiefsman4273d ago

This is a gamer board and forum take your political BS elsewhere cause some of us really don't care about your political opinions.

The trailers shows potential but I would have liked more.

Keyser4273d ago

Jenzo, I was with you till you said the "God Bless America" part. Every President ends there speeches with God Bless America. It's actually a historical part fo America. Whether we practice it, we are a Christian nation. Doesn't mean we're better than a Muslim nation but most people in the United States are Christians.

We're not going to get in to a religious or a idealogical debate on a gaming website but I think GaMr was being funny. He looks like a Eastern European underworldling.

To dissectionalrr comments, you may not have lived long enough to remember the IRA terrorists. The most populated Muslim nations are in the Middle East but in Indonesia. They don't look like Middleastern men. More Fox news for everyone...

BIGBAER4272d ago (Edited 4272d ago )

As has been said: this is a gaming news site, not a political soapbox.

Two points:

Your gamer pic of a grossly overweight female shows YOU to be prejudiced yourself. Mocking another person's condition with a gamer pic and then having the balls to call accuse another of 'prejudice' is the high-point of hypocrisy.

Obviously you know very little about Christianity, Evangelical or otherwise, and almost nothing about Islam.

Keep the replies and topics on point please.

Now... GTA IV --- I can't wait! I am looking forward to a deep storyline. I do wish that the setting would have been in Chicago however. It's a great city to explore.

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techie4273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

APprove this one god damn!

Thank god for that! Well done Jeb. You win this time...

Ps30074273d ago

Im more interested in gameplay, whats going to seperate this from the others I played besides graphics?

OldSchoolGamer4272d ago

skin kittens in a minigame, make a furcoat, which can be sold on Ebay to the guy whose kidneys you just removed and sold on Ebay, who is actually the new born, who you are the father of (which you sold on Ebay), through a coffee-esque mini game, where you knocked up the $10 whore, by missing too many buttons and the condom broke, only to have said kitten-fur coat, kidney less, Ebay sold, condom-leak son hunt you down for 10 years of missed child support. Man these things have so much to do in them now.

DrWan4273d ago

I know i will probably be bashed till I hit the 18th level of hell by everybody..but really, from the depth of my heart..I think this trailer sucked.. It didn't excite me alot about this game at all. (i have played the previous GTAs). I didn't see alot of action in that trailer, the graphics didn't "wow me", although very nice architectures. What are everyone's thought on this...

Sorry for the negative comment already, but that's how i felt after seeing it..its weird..i was so excited during the last minute countdown too..(u probalby see me repost this in several thread since u guys made so many of these posts)

TheFamilyGuy4273d ago

yeah i agree. especially with the whole countdown thing i expected to see a lot more.

The game is coming out in October, so it isn't like they aren't far enough along in the development to show some better footage.

it was better than nothing i guess...

4273d ago
Sexius Maximus4272d ago

Whats funny is, some people say Halo 3 will be the most overhyped game ever, but I see GTA IV being more so. The game looks fine, but nothing mind blowing...but then again, GTV 3 wasn't mind blowing either. Whether we all agree or not, "next gen" is based on graphics, otherwise it would just be a Xbox/PS2 game. I'm just not impressed graphically...yet (mind you, Rockstar still has plenty of time to work on it)

vidoardes4273d ago

I must admit, I wasn't wowed liked I thought I would be, but those graphics do look pretty damn stunng, when you consider what the size of the playing field should be... I guess we will have to wait for ingame shots