Gamebosh Review: Tenchu: Shadow Assassins

Gamebosh writes: "For a full half-hour, GameBosh was sneaking around killing Samurai in 16th Century Japan, all the while believing that a certain Latino pop star was the main character. Turns out we weren't playing as Ricky Martin after all, but as Rikimaru (What? It's an easy mistake to make!). Shadow Assassins sees Azuma Ninjas Rikimaru and Ayame sent by Lord Gohda to rescue kidnapped Princess Kiku, when their fortune teller turns out to be an imposter.

This is the fourth in the Tenchu (translation: Heaven's Punishment) series and the first for the Wii, allowing players to use the motion controls for sword fights and Shuriken throwing stars. However, Tenchu is more about stealth than hand to hand combat, and fights only occur when you are discovered by eagle-eyed enemies. 'Ricky Martin' and Ayame use the shadows as cover and take out guards before they have time to fight back."

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