Building Franchise Power: An Army Of Two Interview

Electronic Arts Montreal's over the top action game project Army of Two debuted in March 2008 after a notable last-minute delay, but has ended up becoming a continuing franchise and somewhat of a success for EA, with over 2 million sales across Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, the majority in North America.

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Christopher5246d ago

Hopefully they improve greatly on the second. I was very surprised, but not much to lose since I picked it up for $20 on Amazon.com a few weeks back.

Elvfam5115246d ago

I really enjoy the first one
I hope they make a cover system that make more action then it is and th A.I smarter

Christopher5246d ago

Based on magazine articles, they're looking to make it an auto-cover system and improve the commands so that everything would be at the press of a single button.

mastiffchild5246d ago

God, I rented the first cos Block Buster didn't have the game I was after one night and I thought it was painfully bad at times.

The enemy AI got too accurate and their guns stayed powerful while whatever you did, even if you did as they had to you they seemed impervious and your gun like a peashooter! Iremeber shooting at them, they shot back blind from cover and whatever I did I couldn't touch them. I couldn't hit their hands, their heads when they did pop up yet when they'd had me pinned down in the same spot they could hit me though the damn cover!

That's without the daft attitudes of the "Two" and wafer thin story-I mean I'm glad they got to do a second game but, really, if it isn't a drastic improvement in almost all areas then it won't even do as well as the first. Fool me once...etc, etc.

Christopher5246d ago

Never had those issues with the proper use of aggro control. I actually found it way too easy until the hard level (forget what it's called, perhaps Professional?). Once you get the aggro control down, it gets much easier. Even more so with certain weapons unlocked (love my P90).


Game Series That Desperately Need A Part III

Nowadays, game sequels rarely end at the number two mark. So here are five two-game series in need of a third installment.

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SheenuTheLegend2010d ago

finally someone who enjoyed Army of two. story was not that great. but co op is one of the best out there. cometo india and i will show you people playing it all day at gaming parlours.


Visceral Montreal: CV Confirms New Army Of Two, Dead Space 3, Mystery Third Project

NowGamer: Rumoured sequels to Army of Two and Dead Space are being developed at EA's Montreal studio - as well as a mystery project - CV confirms.

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fastrez4168d ago

Another Army of Two? Is that really necessary?

SOD_Delta4168d ago

I liked the first Ao2. It was a fun co-op shooter that didn't take itself serious. As for the 40th day I didn't like that one. If the new one is more like the first sign me up!

Army_of_Darkness4168d ago

Dead space 3! :D Can't wait for it! Although, I really should finish the second dead space. Just waiting for the Guts to proceed I guess haha!

DA_SHREDDER4168d ago

This is good news, but I was hoping that they would be next gen launch titles :( I'm seriously done with this gen. Old tech is getting old.

vallencer4168d ago

Really? Because im honestly ok with not having to spend another 500-600 dollars on a system.

neutralgamer194168d ago

Did "Army of Two" even sell well enough for a sequel?

DevilishSix4168d ago

So is it a Visceral Game Studio or is it an EA studio? To me it makes a difference. I believe the first two Dead Space games were made out of the California Visceral studio under the EA umbrella, if it is not the same developers then it has failure written all over it and that would tick me off.

Rubberlegs4168d ago

EA Montreal worked on the Army of Two games. Visceral is still making the Dead Space games. Visceral is an EA studio, it used to be EA Redwood.

Raoh4168d ago

How does army of two which for the most part in the sense of popularity and sales continue to make releases without hate but sony titles get hate before their first games are released?

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We need more 3rd Person Action Games. -BlackBible's Prospective

GamerFitNation's BlackBible talks about his thoughts on the 3rd person action game market. He feel there should be more of them. I know there are a lot of games not mention so don't get uptight if any of your favorites weren't called out. Still if you can tell us of some 3rd person games, that are good feel free to comment on them. Heck List them if you want I'll be sure to comment on them.

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Hitman07694427d ago (Edited 4427d ago )

Wow I couldn't agree more. Enough with the shooters please! If you aren't gonna innovate stay the fuck out of the genre. Action would give devs a chance to get way more original ideas out there.

gamerfitnation is doing great work right now. its a nice refreshment from the rest of the websites, its actually a real gamer talking here not sum bull shit haha

xtheownerzx4427d ago

I think its funniest how he goes whit was just cause 2 a good game LOL

BLACKBIBLE4427d ago (Edited 4427d ago )

I could be wrong, and if I am please feel free to correct me, but really do feel there is a need for my 3rd person games. One game I forgot to mention that I feel I should now is "Freedom Fighters" It was a excellent Game.

xPhearR3dx4427d ago

Oh man, Freedom Fighters was the shit. Would love to see another one. Too many FPS these days. I've always preferred third person over first person anyway.