More developers talk about PSP's future

IGN is continuing their PSP retrospective feature by speaking with even more developers. They approached EA's Team Fusion, one of the most prolific PSP developers out there. What's the one feature of PSP they'd like to use more often? PSP fans will agree with their answer: "For my own team, I think there's a lot of value in further exploring game sharing and downloadable demos for the PSP. We recently released EA's first ever downloadable demo for the PSP in Europe (Medal of Honor Heroes) and the response has been really positive. It's an excellent game and the demo allows new users to try it out and experience a taste for themselves."

Namco's Tekken team was also interviewed. They'd love to see Sony make a true system-defining game for PSP: "If Sony could take the lead by creating a defining, exceptional PSP game, I believe that it would become easier for all developers to create new titles. It would also be desirable if SCE's processes were the same worldwide so that it would be easier to execute simultaneous releases."

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