Half-Life 2 vs. Cinematic Mod 10: Visual comparison

PCGH has direct comparisons between the original graphics of Half-Life 2 and the Cinematic Mod 10. The modification delivers new HD models for Alyx and other characters as well as high resolution textures that are applied to objects and surfaces.

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RadientFlux4464d ago

interesting comparison, thought except for some of the texture work images I prefer the original artwork to the cinematic mod.

Espically when it comes to Alyx, who goes from girl-next-door (original) to possible escort (cinematic mod)

50CALheadshot4463d ago (Edited 4463d ago )

oh, so megan fox looks lika an escort..
because thats who the new alyx resembles ???

i reject your deposit

RadientFlux4463d ago

but why did they have to change her look so drastically?

the rest of the changes done by the mod, basically enhance the existing game artwork/textures.

in the end I guess it's a matter of choice, if you don't like her new look don't download the mod.

50CALheadshot4463d ago (Edited 4463d ago )

because like it or not, megan fox is the HOTTEST girl to ever walk the face of this phucking planet.

gamers love sexy seductresses

youll see what i mean when rise of the fallen comes out.

edit : whoever disagreed, is clearly ghey,

crunchie1014463d ago

Megan Fox is not the hottest girl on the planet.

People love Alyx because she's a believable character, and her AI helps that.

Not all gamers love 'sexy seductresses' - many, in fact, find them embarrassing and stupid, and a hindrance to gamers being accepted as functioning members of the society by the public.

50CALheadshot4463d ago

dude, u REALLY need to get laid. arguing with other males online will only make you an angrier person than you already are

crunchie1014463d ago

Well I could see that was coming.

worth a try though.

50CALheadshot4463d ago (Edited 4463d ago )

lol. whut?

edit: all im saying, is if youre trying to debate, throw some names in there : bar rafaeli,alba, biel. who do you think

*makes note of angry gamers in the pc section*

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xg-ei8ht4463d ago (Edited 4463d ago )


That one looks like a pig.

Don't get me wrong, megan fox is a very nice looking girl, but hottest on the planet is just plain silly.

Do you really believe that the hottest women on the planet are on the tv, kids these days.

50CALheadshot4463d ago (Edited 4463d ago )

well my opinion is solely mine.

is there anything else?/ zooms to the hills, never to come back to pc gaming*

orangeson584463d ago

Alyx looks like Christian music artist Rebecca St. James:

Kajaah1174463d ago

It's an Adriana Lima model. They look similar sure, but the pics are labeled pretty clearly.

I can't believe the amount of work these people have done. I'm not a fan of the new Alyx models, but my god, the rest of it is amazing.

Cryptech4463d ago

The original alyx is way better than this "thing". It looks like someone smashed her in the face with a shovel. The rest is really cool though.