XBox 360 HD DVD Add-on Won't Play 'Children of Men'

High-Def Digest reports that consumers trying to play Universal's 'Children of Men' on their XBox 360 HD DVD add-on are experiencing some trouble. It seems the disc spins in the tray, the screen goes black and the system reboots to the dashboard. It remains to be seen whether this is an issue with the hardware or the disc production itself. Hit the jump for the full story.

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power of Green 4760d ago


deathtok4760d ago (Edited 4760d ago )

I don't own one yet. I'm still last gen until more games are out for both systems. I'm just posting this as a fair warning to anyone here that might be interested in the movie.

ASSASSYN 36o4759d ago

Retards stop sign posted.

Raist4760d ago

Wow, no luck. Universal is the only studio to support HD-DVD only, and still their movies don't work on HD-DVD players.

Sucks :/

eques judicii4760d ago

it does suck that it doesn't work... but universal is not the only studio to support hd-dvd.. they are the only studio to exclusively to support it... warner, parament, and some others all support both bluray and hd-dvd

this happens from time to time though, there may be a firmware upgrade needed for it... i think this has happened to bluray once before too.. when "click" came out it didn't work on all units either because of the formatting but a firmware patch fixed that.

deathtok4760d ago

I remember the movie 'The Descent' has some issues on one of the Blu-ray players though it didn't effect the PS3. More @ http://bluray.highdefdigest...

Also noted in their is some of the technical issues HD DVD had with some of the launch titles from the Weinstein Company.

kmis874759d ago

Actually, #2 is right in saying that Universal is the only major exclusive HDDVD studio. Weinstein Company is also HDDVD exclusive but they are a small studio with a limited catalog. Paramount and Warner aren't exclusive, but they are format neutral.

The Descent uses BD-J extensively, and only works on some BR standalones at the moment, and others require firmware updates. As a ps3 owner, the ps3 has also experience problems with bluray (random freezing), but these are fixed with firmware updates. Expect a firmware update to fix this HDDVD problem, and one in October or sooner to make the ps3 BD-J 1.1 compliant.

eques judicii4759d ago

sorry raist... i must have been tired and missed that "only"

or maybe you edited it?? :-P

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Raist4759d ago

I'll just quote myself

"Universal is the only studio to support HD-DVD only"
"HD-DVD only"


BIadestarX4759d ago

"We should note that since word of these issues first emerged, readers have also written in to say that the disc plays back fine on their Xbox 360 devices, while others have reported playback problems with the disc on Toshiba's XA2 player (we had no such issues on our XA2)."
I guess the problem may be in the production of the disk.

BIadestarX4759d ago

Seriously I must have some obsessed Sony fanboy on my @$$. I quoted what I said. What's there to disagree? Everything I post something this loser has to disagree or give me negative feedback.

lilwingman4759d ago

Not sure who it was, but I know how that feels. I'm pro-Sony, but when I say good things about the 360, Sony fans take away my bubbles :P. Anyways, you're a good poster, so you can have a bubble back.

eques judicii4759d ago

there are only a handful who say it doesn't work... most say it works beautifully... i wanted to test it out, but all the stores i went to were sold out... quite disapointing..

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The story is too old to be commented.