Nintendo: We Can't Satisfy You And You Enjoy It

Kotaku Writes:

Nintendo can't win, can it? Put out games to expand their audience, and the core gamers are upset. Put out core games, and core gamers want more.

According to Nintendo's Denise Kaigler, the moment that core gamers are satisfied, players will become disinterested in the company. So Nintendo cannot satisfy gamers, and gamers should enjoy not getting what they want. It's a "fun" relationship.

"I will give you that hardcore gamers have an insatiable appetite for everything Nintendo," she said, "and we love that! We love that. When we get to a point where core gamers say, "OK, Nintendo, enough! We don't need any more games from you guys...." None of us wants to be put in that position, right?

"We don't want your appetite to ever be satisfied, because when we satisfy you, it's time for us to go [dusts off hands], "OK! Let's go on home now!" And none of us wants to go home. So there's this sort of fun...relationship, I think, that's happening between Nintendo and the hardcore gamer - which we enjoy and hope that the core gamer enjoys it."

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kesvalk3810d ago

i think nintendo got everything wrong... and this is dangerous for them...

i am sure i don't like "EVERYTHING Nintendo" (geez, i only started to like zelda after playing minmish cap and LTTP is my most hated game ever, i don't count Mama and sports games as games).

in fact, the only nintendo franchise that i really love and Brought my Wii for it is Metroid, i simply love metroid...

they must be cautious if they want to get the hardcore attention...

in fact, if they do it wrong and announce a crappy game on E3, they are pretty much finished with the Hardcore gamers

i hope is not some kind of Wii party or something like that...

ZuperAmazingCooKie3810d ago

Worst excuses ever. "We won't give you more games because if you do then you won't want more". lol

I guess I'm satisfied with my PS3 and 360 which is why I play with my Wii more despite the fact that it doesn't have as many games, launched or upcoming. Oh wait.

Tempist3810d ago

I dunno, it's a very precarious position. When Wii Fit sells 18.2 million copies, way more than the next hardcore game on the Wii, you're no longer going to pander to that crowd. You're going to find the next Wii Fit and hope it sticks again.

Sorry Nintendo hardcores, the minute motion controls and the wii became a fast selling fad, your satisfaction was not in mind.

The worst part is that Nintendo cannot move backwards on this else that casual market will no longer support some of nintendo's endevours, but that same market will, and is starting, to not care. Painted into a corner the term is.

SpoonyRedMage3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

Yup, they need the casual crowd because if you didn't notice the majority of "hardcore" gamers abandoned Nintendo in 1995 and the ones that did get the Gamecube are now in the minority(20 mil to 30 mil, at most!).

I sometimes wonder that the amount of people who complain about the Wii outnumber those that owned an N64 and Gamecube.

Of course Nintendo is to blame, but so are we.

harrisk9543810d ago

Nintendo's comment is absurd and makes absolutely no sense. "So, we don't want to satisfy you because once we satisfy you, you won't need us to satisfy you anymore."

heroicjanitor3810d ago

They know their fans believe everything they say. Remember they were asked why they wouldn't drop the price of the wii? They replied, " it wouldn't be fair to the people who bought it at launch". They are so full of sh*t this generation. They ignore their core fans because when it gets down to it they just aren't supporting them in the same way as the ps3/360, and if they talk about it people might realise that the games aren't coming and they will leave.

fossilfern3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

and how they hell do we not want games from nintendo ? its just them stupid Wii sports games we dont want why must nintendo constantly stab the back of all their fans who made them what they are :( and supported them through the gamecube years its a total joke

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SpoonyRedMage3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

She's got a point but I think she's wrong.

They do need to be at least give us enough games to keep us satisfied but not complacent(sp?). We juust need enough games to occupy our time.

N4g_null3810d ago

When she says the hardcore she is not talking about the same hardcore as in the HD guys. She is talking about people that want pikmen, f-zero, new mario 2d, zelda, etc. She is talking about previous fans that are still fans, like pokemon fans.

There is truth to what she has said though. Gamers can not be satisfied well real gamers can't because they want to play every thing yet the truth is not all gamers are the same so you can not satisfy them all with one game like the casuals and wii fit.

There is also truth in not wanting to satisfy them yet giving them stuff they want.

Just look at a quake 3 player, they don't really want quake 4 or any other FPS they just want quake 3.

Another thing is I think nintendo knows they may not provide what the 3rd parties can provide. They just don't have the people that can pull that off.

SpoonyRedMage3810d ago

Oh, don't get me wrong I love Nintendo and their games but this is one of the dumbest things I've ever heard. She could have easily said "We want our Hardcore fans to want more".

N4g_null3808d ago

That is so true LOL. It really hard working for nintendo right now it would seem in the PR dept. I'm not sure they even understand what nintendo is doing.

sack_boi3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

I've already decided that the Wii is the last Nintendo console I'll be buying, so comments like these just support my decision.

leila013810d ago

The arrogance spewing out of Nintendo's PR mouthpieces as of late really is starting to bug me. Like Kutaragi before them.

I just don't understand why they don't seem to think it's possible to appease gamers AND the expanded audience.

Sheddi3810d ago

"We Can't Satisfy Core Gamers And We Hope They Enjoy It"
What does that even mean? Seriously.

Is it so hard to make "hard core" games? I mean, its not like u have never done it before.
They can get hard core gamers and casual gamers but for some reason they are not aiming for the hard core gamers.

N4g_null3810d ago

"I mean, its not like u have never done it before. " true but you guys don't even want to play those games.

Sheddi3810d ago

Believe me, I do.
Metroid prime, zelda, super mario galaxy, super smash brawl, I wanna try them all :P

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sack_boi3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

No core games at E3 confirmed.

Seferoth753810d ago

You have the IQ of a rock confirmed. Sorry but I have to laugh at anyone who is named after a game for 5 year old kids and wants to talk about core games.. Its just very amusing to see someone who doesnt even understand what core games are asking for them. DOnt worry though kid. Whatever it is it will outsell little kids planet, but then again what doesnt these days?

be_wrong3810d ago

They will never ever satisfy the hardcore anymore since they already went the way of the PS3 and 360.

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