Modojo: Tekken 6 (PSP) Preview

Nothing can stop the Tekken franchise. After a triple threat of Tekken 5 releases a couple of years back (Tekken 5 on the PS2 and the sub-sequel Dark Resurrection on the PlayStation Network and PSP), Namco will strike back later this year with Tekken 6 for a number of platforms. Among them is the PSP, and if Dark Resurrection was any indication, we're in for another fun round of portable fighting mayhem.

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bobdog6263815d ago

Tekken has allway's been my Best Fighting Game to date . I hope it Plays as Good as it Look's .If soThis Will be Huge.

Baka-akaB3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

Contrary to what that article says , i wouldnt want the return of tekken force .. it's just too crappy , even as a bonus .
Bring back instead mini games such as Volley ball , bowling and stuff .

Anyway like T5 , i'll buy this for both psp and ps3 . It was fun training on a slightly bit harder to use psp version (thought still great) , then moving to the home version .

shazui1233815d ago

I have hopes that theyll go the Insomniac route with the Tekken releases on both platforms and provide some form of content or connectivity between both the ps3 and psp versions of this game.

Socomer 19793815d ago

That I could just tap someone on the shoulder who has a psp and invite them to a fight in a minute flat.

I love game sharing and if I see you with a psp I might pass by and say Lets Fight. Dont worry, Im a nice guy and im not going to hurt you that bad.

hee hee.

Tachyon_Nova3815d ago

Tekken is probably the most popular game that ive never gotten in to.