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windmill1453806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

The quote "I am Lightning, The Rain Transformed" immediately comes to mind.

Omegasyde3806d ago

I think that the message of the ad is:

darkness is coming

I can't really see the snake in the clouds nor does it look like we are going to get a sequel for zone of the enders. Perhaps a new IP?

fishd3806d ago

Thanks god there is no green color anywhere in the pic,if there was the interweb woulh have exploded!

P.S man it's hard to speak English!

Omegasyde3806d ago

Actually American is way easier than English. Try that language out first,easy to pick up since it only has 25 letters in the alphabet.

gambare3806d ago

Raiden the God of thunder...

fishd3806d ago

Added a bigger and better scan to altsource

I did not murder him3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

I could say the Raiden on the left in this first link could be the shape your're seeing on the right page.

Left Raiden in link.


The figure in the foreground looking like its laying on its back with the head on the top half of the right page.

Then again the more you look at the middle of the top part of the right page the head actually looks like it has Raidens Chin.

KwietStorm3806d ago

Wow Seriously? American is not a language..

hay3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

You guys got sucked by a hype machine.
Yeah, I can't wait too but I prefer waiting till monday instead of dreaming imaginary figures from the picture.

But honestly, I would so love to see Zoe3, Snatcher AND MGS5 so in any case I'll be disappointed and happy at the same time.

Lol at 1.8 and 1.9. You guys made my day. Have a bubble.

Panthers3805d ago

That quote makes a lot of sense here.

ultimolu3805d ago

Lol @ the interpretations by fishd and morgan. xD

AAACE53805d ago

The picture on the right, right above the 2009, has Solid Snakes laying on his back with his head facing up to the sky. The picture on the left has the rest of his torso.

If you can't see Snake, you lack imagination!

The way I see it, it's way too early to have another MGS game out, so could this be like a directors cut or something? They already announced the iPhone MGS so that limits the playing field.

I don't want to piss anyone off but they are showing a storm in the making. Storms have a habit of disrupting what makes people feel comfortable.

Ahh hell with it...

In the left picture, it looks as if a funnel cloud will be coming down. What is one of the main colors that lets you know a tornado is coming?

harrisk9543805d ago

Why? Because if it was a 360 exclusive or a multiplatform game, I would guess that MS would make sure that the big unveiling was at E3... The fact that it is being announced in May seems to me to be very telling about what console it will appear on.

Name Last Name3805d ago

Didn't Raiden mean storm or something in Japannesse?

3805d ago
locos853805d ago

Do you guys see the 2 people in the grass on the left page and the house in the right page??? Could that mean anything?

DominusRebellis3805d ago

You're all wrong. The news will tell of a new online-only game developed by Kojima. It's not MGS to say, rather it's a 3rd person team tactical game...There I used my imagination and made up sh1T haha. I think the picture isn't supposed to mean anything but it sure looks nice....I can bet this game will be only for the PS3!

Tito Jackson3805d ago

its a horror game. something truly terrifying. hell yeah.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3805d ago

Is that Raiden crawling through the grass on the right pic????!!


It's obviously MGS related, as we know from GDC.

I know that in GDC they had that screen with "Mission: The Next MGS" but let's not forget it was a developers conference, I believe Kojima was just sharing his experience and ideas about how to make a sequel to a franchise that is supposed to end after the death of it's main character, but which is also a beloved series that fans demand to play more.

Aside from that, they told about an E3 announcment MGS related. They don't usually tease about minor MGO expansions and I don't think it will be a new MGS or whatever you like to call it, not this soon after MGS4. Maybe a complete version, like Subsistance or Substance. It could come as DLC for those who have MGS4 (probably under the crap Konami infrastructure) and as a disc release, with MGS4 in a disc and additional content in another disc. But this is just a guess.

Nikuma3805d ago

Those are some pretty dark clouds.. Clouds..hmmm..Cloud from FFVII! Now Cloud had a really big sword.. Sword..hmmm..Raiden uses a sword! Now Raiden is the lightning.. Lightning..hmmm..lightning is long and windy just like a snake!
Now a Snake is a reptile that is cold blooded.. Cold blooded..hmmm..that's the opposite of warm blooded which is what humans are..Solid Snake! Solid Snake is a snake that is warm blooded! It's all coming together now!

So by these calculations we see Solid snake in the clouds, laying down, holding flowers to his chest, and being kissed on the head by meryl... All in the clouds! It seems that Clound from FFVII and Raiden team up to take down and kill the legendary hero solid snake!! So obvious!

DominusRebellis3805d ago

You forgot to mention that the grass is blowing to the north. Since Sephiroth resided in the Northern Cave, it may indicate that Sephiroth may battle alongside Solid Snake as a good guy this time. However, there is one blade of grass (blade of grass number: 20993) pointing to the south, so this may indicate a turn of events at the very end !!! Oh no!!!!

I love video games3805d ago

the image looks like a side view of a snake with a smaller snake coming out of its mouth, maybe a story of someones love child with snake or big boss or boss or liquid or solidius or ummmmm i dont know what it could be im blabing nonsense

RememberThe3573805d ago

It's a new dog humping a rhino game! Kojima never lets me down!


Zydake3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

All I see is this

hay3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

What the game could be... Hmmm...

BulletBtweenUrEyes3805d ago

The fox hound logo is at the bottom right hand corner of the photo. So its gotta be another metal gear. So stop speculating.

DominusRebellis3805d ago

Thats the logo for Kojima Productions

- Ghost of Sparta -3805d ago

You know, it's quite funny that people still think this is Metal Gear related even after Hideo Kojima confirmed that he and his team are working on a new IP. I blame Twitter and every moron who fell for the "Metal Gear Rising" & "Metal Gear Solid 4 + Oxide" on 360 rumors.


There is a house behind the grass maybe it means something?

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Omegasyde3806d ago

That would blow my mind.

dericb113806d ago

Not trying to go against but I would think they would have a castle or something in a darker theme.

Also does Kojima do Castlevenia? If he does I did not know that.

Omegasyde3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

No but Castlevania is a great legacy which has gone somewhat downhill like Silent Hill. I think his next IP is not going to be about stealth or tactical missions.

Kojima has never done a castlevania title, but he works for Konami whom own the silent hill and Castlevania IP's. I am hoping for a gothic castelvania with great graphics and a great story.

KKanjiAnkh3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

Did you just compare $h!tty Silent Hill, to the Belmonts, Oh how I wish I had the Vampire Killer now!

Koji Igarashi does Castlevania now.
Michiru Yamane does the score.
and Ayame Kojima, helps conceptualizes.

Edit: Death would like to have a chat w/you.

big shadow3806d ago

on my birthday???? Thanks Kojima. best present yet

Legendary-Status3806d ago

Cant wait to see the new title from Kojima...

Godmars2903806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

And weather or not if it'll be PS3/360 exclusive or multiplatform...

callahan093805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

It won't be 360 exclusive

No Way3805d ago

Why do you say that? Just curious.
I doubt it will happen either.. just wanna know your thoughts.

Omegasyde3806d ago

The message is in the grass which is unfortunately in Kitagana.

Anyone read Japanese?