50 Killer Sequel Announcements for E3 - Pt 2

The second part in gameplayer's look into the 50 best games never to receive a sequel and who would make for killer announcements at this year's E3 conference.

"But for every twenty Christmas cash cows that infest store shelves with their mediocrity, there is that one sequel we deeply yearn for – that great game that demands another shot at the big time but is bewilderingly ignored. Maybe it has merely become lost in the forgotten back catalogue of a now defunct publisher or perhaps it has been buried beneath the egotistical loggerheads of past-it developers, given up on and stuck in developmental hell. Unable to find the light as fans yell from their couches… encore! Encore! Encore!"

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Sucks2BU3813d ago

I am just imagining some of those franchises on next-gen machines and get quivers in my nether regions.

Triple the awesome for mentioning X-wing vs. TIE fighter - that was one of the first games I played heaps of on the Net.