Is Microsoft's 2009 Game Line-Up Lame?

"E3 is fast approaching, and our anticipation is at fever pitch, but is Microsoft's line up for 2009 looking a little shabby? Does the Xbox 360 need an E3 injection of awesome?" - gameplayer debates the topic

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Pandemic3814d ago

At the moment.. the line up is horrible...

Hopefully by the end of E3 it will be pretty good...

Sucks2BU3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

I am surprised they have waited so long to say something about their Christmas line-up. Maybe they really want to make a big bang at E3.

One thing is for sure, it will take something big to snatch away the power of a strong GT5 showing from Sony.

EDIT: Halo: ODST could be hot if shown right

UnSelf3814d ago Show
MURKERR3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

... im sure ms will have some surprises

Doctor_Doom3814d ago

Don't worry girls there is plenty of Duke to go around.


solideagle13814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

Lame is an inappropriate word i would say.


gambare3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

unless konami announces some awesome exclusive or confirm the rumor of metal gear for the 360 in their key notes, yeah.. pretty lame

for now all the "commotion" made for the 360 is coming from single punches, like the announce of FFXIII for the 360.. besides that nothing good.

Dragun6193814d ago

Yea,So far Xbox360 09 line up titles that have been released have been pretty medicore.
Xbox360 09 exclusives already released
-Ninja Blade
-Star Ocean 4
-Race Pro
-Velvet Assassin
-Battlestations: Pacific

Hope Rare announce maybe a new Perfect dark or maybe a new Jet Force Gemini. Everyone should wait till we see their whole line up for Xbox360 in E3 before people decide that its actually lame. Other than that, Sony's line up for both PSP and PS3 are great. And for Nintendo, Hope they have something to draw many of us hardcore gamers back to the Wii and not some bs like Wii music.

ShabzS3814d ago

at the moment its pretty weak... but hopefully by june we'll have some more games... thank god its a good multiplat year though... with mw2 bioshock 2 and maxpayne 3

II Necroplasm II3814d ago

Blog from PlayStation Official Magazine Australia.


menoyou3814d ago

agreed, one of the worst lineups in gaming history

I did not murder him3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

What lineup? Sony is the only one of the three companies that have revealed their lineup lol. I think you think its lame because you don't know about it. I love how PS3 fans cherry-pick the 360 line-up or should I say hand pick the obvious and call it good.

My lord some PS3 blogboy site thinks the 360 lineup is lame(or hopes it is).

DARK WITNESS3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

line up.... What line up ? I don't see know line up...

to be really honest i am not sure what to expect from them this year.

all i can say is i want a game that really pushes the 360, no compromise.

i am not interested in the casual games, i am not interested in the multiplats, not interested in bought timed exclusives or old warn out past exclusives that were on the ps2.

Game13a13y3814d ago

yes, Microsoft could be hiding something, but the same could be said about Sony too. anyway, i'm already pleased about PS3 09 line up, but the same can't be said about the 360.

sack_boi3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

How can you say their lineup is lame, when at the moment you know sh!t about it?

Mike134nl3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

But it's another question looking at confirmed 2009 xbox360 exclusive, which is very weak at the moment.
But I do think feel that titles like Alan wake and splintercell, haven't been hyped as much as high profile ps3 titles(god of war, heavy rain, infamous Killzone and uncharted).

To level the playing field with ps3, Microsoft will need to announce at least 2 new triple AAA (not timed) exclusive games for 2009 preferably mass effect 2 and a new unannounced game.

Finally there are some other propably 2009 titles worth mentioning
Lionhead Project Dimitri and APB.(not sure about 2009 release though)

zoneofenders3813d ago

it is pretty bad at this moment...... but it will be better after E3...hopefully........

mastiffchild3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

It is odd that a site with a clear everday preference for all things 360 should do an article like this(and why is the Sony line up "annoyingly" good?)but nobody should worry about it, imo.

MS always have something to show and this year will be no different-they aren't about to just give up. Release dates for AW, ODST and a Rare game or two should perk up the 360 line up no end and then you have the likes of Lionhead with a probable reveal of a new IP(surely the best kind of news)though, for me, if there's any GT5 news at E3 Forza3 is out of the equasion.Lets all hope that neither MS NOR Sony spend too much time and cash on motion controllers as well.

Just to add that while people seem to be under the impression that Sony have shown what they have I'm damn sure that they have loads that they haven't told us yet-there's Trico, new Insomniac IP, GT5 date, Incognito, Sony London,Cambridge,Liverpool games, the in house jrpgs, Warhawk2(starhawk?)etc, etc. Sony SHOULD now have a really steady stream of good first and second party games to show every conference and their real task is getting the reveals and releases in the right windows and marketing better. But anyway, with the number of studios/devs under their belt the games will be rolling in from now on.

Ninty will be all Motion Plus as it missed it's original release date and hopefully the software is there to use it and prove that 1:1 sensing is possible. I doubt many core gamers will be happy though as even if they do reveal a big name game(possibly new Zelda/Pikmin)I can't see there being much more than that. The KI rumours are dead and there's only FZero that keeps being mentioned-will, at best, two real games be enough after last year? IDK. Hope there's a new IP but I hope that every year and they don't come.

Also MS will def have their annual PS exclusive going to 360 announcement(KH3/MGS4?)to make but as a owner of all three I'm more interested in new stuff than that kind of thing-I dunno why MS cop heat for it though as they're only really looking after their own customers with that(as well as themselves obviously but this is business)so can we cut them some slack this time? If people want to apportion blame then you can only blame the devs and only then if their decision either goes against their word or makes little sense business wise(SE-so far fit that but nobody else).

SL1M DADDY3813d ago

Perhaps the author was speaking of what lineup has been disclosed to the public. Granted, both companies have games not yet talked about and when MS releases some more info on their "future" lineup, then I am sure we will hear more about some of Sony's future lineup. It's all relative so yeah, the author can talk about the "lame" lineup that MS is offering us at the moment... It's just that, lame.

Jaces3813d ago

Same thing can be said about M$, bud.

Blaze9293813d ago

I don't see how people can talk about something they dont know. Microsoft has been very tight lipped about thier games for this year and maybe even beyond and all that is really known is like ODST....hell, I dont even know what is coming out this year myself.

Dont see how anyone can speak of something that is unkown.

Aquanox3813d ago

We're nearly 2 weeks away from E3, which means, only 2 weeks for Sony boys like the one in the article, to troll over the Xbox 360 unconfirmed 2009 lineup.

After MS E3 Conference, we'll see how many of these articles keep popping up. I bet, not many.

Christopher3813d ago

1. Yeah, Microsoft has less exclusives, but they're primarily about getting exclusive content. Don't be surprised at E3 to find that some favorite games coming out later the year will have exclusive content (some possibilities include Assassin's Creed 2 and Bioshock 2).

2. How can people not complain about what is known? What people know is that Microsoft is currently lacking in exclusive titles. To say that they shouldn't talk about what is known because there may be an element unknown to them is preposterous. Don't be so defensive and hope for the best for the 360. All I know is that Mass Effect 2, if it stays an exclusive, will keep me interested in the 360 until it's released.

iHEARTboobs3813d ago

from what's known. What strikes me as odd is that MS loves marketing, so why not market their games already? Either way, this is more of a discussion that should be held next January, not now.

IdleLeeSiuLung3813d ago

Although I do think that MS hasn't shown anything yet, in their defense Sony has a history of showing games that ain't gonna release for a while.

How many of Sony's games is gonna release this year? I guess we have to wait and see.

red5ive3813d ago

how can that Mark guy possibly say that next multi-platform games are going to look better on the Xbox 360 for sure? not saying it'll look better on the PS3, but how can someone be totally sure until one plays the final product. f*ckin dumb fail.

Rainstorm813813d ago

In 2006 & 2007 you could not get on a gaming website and not see the 360 following taging the PS3 "waitstation, delaystation, blu-ray player with no games...etc..etc" through countless message boards and forums. Then it was no problem to say what you wish about the PS3 without waiting to see what it has in store. Now MS fanannoys want people to not call the line up "Lame".

Until MS shows something (2 weeks hopefully) you will have to put up with the BS some of your fellow 360 owners put PS3 owners through. Sucks I know

As far as their line up is concerned Im sure MS has alot in store for their fans, Although from here on out NOTHING will surpass the quality and quantity of titles we see and WILL see coming on the PS3 in IMHO.

y0haN3813d ago

@ bubbles

I had a brain hemorrhage trying to read that.


IaMs123813d ago

Yes true indeed it seems weak and for all we know they may blow us away with multiple FFXIII type announcements. There is a lot of rumours going around lately about both of them and well either way i expect a good show from them all.

I keep seeing people say the 360 has no games this year but YET MS has more exculsives released this year then the PS3... so i keep asking which games of SONYS are CONFIRMED for 2009? I keep asking but YET to get an awnser.

Aquanox3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

@ Raiinstorm81

I don't think anyone is annoyed by this. What does annoy however is how blind some people can go even when they know things will change radically after E3.

Think about it for a moment. Do you actually believe that Microsoft has remained silent this year, like no other, just to let Sony run away with it? Or they are probably doing this on purpose in order to deliver a killer show for what has historically been, and by far, the most important part of the year?

It is so obvious that MS has a lot of stuff to show at E3 that it's not even funny. Yet some people keep collecting ridiculous amounts of crow they would have to eat after the obvious takes place.

To the anti-Xbox crowd, lets think a bit more before writing nonsense without knowing what the other side has to offer (And heck there's so many chances it's gonna be a lot) or your next dinner could look a lot like this:


Arnon3813d ago

Possible showings:

-Alan Wake
-Forza Motorsport 3 (confirmed)
-Mass Effect 2 (confirmed)
-Rare games
-Lionhead games
-Halo 3: ODST (confirmed)
-Kojima Projects
-That new in-house developing team made from god developers

And so much more.

Seriously, it's not even funny how much could be shown @ Microsoft E3'09.

Not to mention the 360 has had more exclusive titles come out than the Playstation 3. So I'm not entirely sure where you guys are getting "The 360 has no games."

otherZinc3813d ago

Uncharted- the first game sold like crap 1st month, didn't pick-up until it was a pack-in. Now, SONY lovers hype U2 to no end, now they think its a difference maker? No!

God of War 3- God of War 2 had a nice first month with about 850k, but when you think about it, thats terrible. There were 120million PS2's & a few million PS3's available to buy God of War 2 & thats all they could get?

GT5- Prologue sold 200k, it isn't going to move consoles like you guys think, also it isn't going to release in 09.

Heavy Rain- is overrated & wont do s*** at retail.

Killzone 2- Got its @ss kicked by Halo Wars, a RTS game. Enough said.

Now on the 360 side:
Ensemble is still alive in another company name & already has the ok to begin development on Halo Wars 2.

Halo 3:ODST- is going to win the software war all on its own.

Now M$ never has released a line-up before E3, they just let 1 game out. Last year that game was Gears 2 and this year its Halo 3:ODST.

M$ is going to win another year that the foolish media will think is the year of the PS3 again.

RememberThe3573813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

I think they are going to show off some pretty cool stuff. All I need is Mass Effect 2, and I'm good.

@Zinc: Your arguments are actually terrible. What did you call it? "They are both stupid & blind!" Yeah that's it.

- Uncharted moved more units then Mass Effect did, and that's without the bundled numbers. The game was fantastic, that is why people are exited about it's sequel.

- God of War 3 - God of War consists of three titles that literally define the action/adventure genre. God of War 3 will kick ass, and none of your fanboyism will change that.

- GT5 prologue has moved around 3.3 million units since it's launch. And remember, it just a "glorified demo". As of May 2008 the GT franchise has moved over 50 million units.

-Heavy Rain - No one here cares if the game sells. It's like Ico and Shadow of the Colossus; an awesome game that PS3 owners will love.

- Killzone 2 kicks the sh*t out of most every shooter out there. The only shooter on it's level is COD4.

Raz3813d ago

I didn't read the article, or even think much about the question - but the answer is yes. Yes, it is lame.

TomAB3813d ago

It is pretty wierd that microsoft haven't announced anything other that halo 3 odst. I know they like to keep quiet but gears 2 and fable 2 were announced by this time last year, plus for big titles pr departments like to have at least 9 months to get the word out. I'm sure I heard that lionhead said their new game would be 2010 but what about rare, don't they have 2 titles scedueled for this year?

aaron58293813d ago

if MS pulled out a stunner...but, at the moment... i'm not expecting anything from them...

oh well.. back to RE5... damn, i'm so addicted to this game...

BattleAxe3813d ago

I'm puting MS in the same category as Nintendo this E3.

ps921173813d ago

Lovely title, you guys get played like a fiddle. Everyone of us has there own opinion/hopes no need to kill each other for it. Just lay back and enjoy 09, plus if I am not mistaken some of you kids have vacation coming up.

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sonarus3814d ago

There is only so much they can announce that will actually release this yr. I honestly don't see alan wake or Splinter cell releasing this yr. Forza 3 should release this yr though

iDystopia3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

If you don't see Splinter Cell or Alan Wake releasing you might just get a big surprise at E3. Also Rare has a game coming in 2009 for sure. :D

Sucks2BU3814d ago

Will probably do another Viva Pinata: that is like a Christmas cash cow for MS now.

I'd take another new Perfect Dark though

sonarus3814d ago

i don't see rare game releasing this yr either. You need enough time between announcing a game and building up hype for it. Big games announced at E3 never release the same yr. Unless its some XBLA stuff. Microsoft could be playing things close intentionally though but in general its nice to give a game enough time before release to get media impressions and to give the game hype

u got owned3814d ago

I disagree Sonarus, E3 is just around the corner and i think there's still plenty of time to build hype for the fall releases and you also have to take into account that MS unlike Sony do advertise their games like crazy.

iDystopia3814d ago

You feel you need 2-3 years for hype to build? It seems sometimes(as with Killzone) this can kill the hype... it gets boring waiting and watching videos for years straight....why even show that pretend you have games? Who cares if you don't touch them for years?

Any games announced on June 1st will have 6 months until November. Surely that is more than enough time to get the word out. People will be more excited because they wont have been waiting on them for 3 years(Gran Turismo 5) and it's still new and fresh hype. Doesn't the massive amount of waiting kinda kill the want a little? Does for me.

I'm willing to bet when we see sales this holiday season, we will know Microsoft did the right thing.

thor3814d ago

They could be being very clever here, yes. Seems to be their general tactic - let the doubt build about how well they're doing then announce something every now and again to quell it and turn the tables on Sony. Case in point: last year's E3. Despite Sony announcing 2 major new games, they were the ones on the defensive because of the FFXIII announcement.

So for that reason I expect them to announce just one major new game, and "steal the show" in the media's eyes despite Sony announcing a couple of games or more.

Fozzy253814d ago

I think that judgment is left best reserved till after E3, but
how can everyone be so sure Rare is definitely releasing a game this year, considering they released two at the end of last year and it usually takes at least two years to create a quality game.

Mike134nl3813d ago

Also have some doubt because I haven't seen much of these games, hope they will be coming in 2009 they should have had enough of development time by now.
In the end it might be good thing because I hate the hype around big games which usually only leads to long waiting times.

r2kcipher3813d ago

Its obvious they are waiting till e3 to announce the mega hit Soulja Boy Teh Gamez. Which i am pretty sure it is the new ip the renowned Lionhead Studios is working on.

No Way3813d ago

Uhm.. Sonarus.. Six months isn't enough time to build hype?
This is MS we are talking about, not Sony..

Rainstorm813813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

You know he didnt mean it takes 2-3 yrs to build hype, but you are extremely naive if you think Ms will announce 5-7 exclusives that will release this year. KZ2 was extremly hyped because of it being one of the first games shown for the PS3, most pre-launch games never get released(maybe not first-party). While you were throwing KZ2 and GT5 under the bus for taking long to release, lets not forget to throw Alan Wake (4yrs and waiting) and Splinter Cell Conviction (going on 3 yrs if not released this yr) under the bus as well. They are two of the most anticipated known games for 360 at E3.

BTW most if not all the footage ever seen of GT has been Prologue

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KionicWarlord2223814d ago

I wouldn't say lame..But then again thats my opinion . If you wont go and compare go on there will always be someone that doesn't like a certain game. But do remember all the amazing multi plats coming out.

ShabzS3814d ago

yeah lot of good multiplats releasing this year... (sigh of relief)... but with games like splinter cell coming back, getting to play another halo and possible games by rare and a new ip from lionhead.. there still a lot to expect..

creatchee3813d ago

Doesn't your statement show some prejudice against Germany? I mean, WW2 and the like was over 60 years ago man. Times have changed...


Yes it is lame. The PS3 is absolutely gonna slap it in the face, unless they announce Alan Wake, show Duke Nukem Forever on the 360, or make a game with the slap chop and sham wow.

Persistantthug3814d ago

That would be funny to see the Sham Wow guy peddling XBOX's.


UnSelf3814d ago

"Cuz i cant do dis all day" lol

Game13a13y3813d ago

is the Xbox360 made in Germany?

3813d ago
XPC HARDonE3813d ago

4.4 - I'm pretty sure Xbox 360 fans are made in Germany.
How else do you explain the extreme white power and homophobic/racists/sexists on the service? Plus you know the Germans always make good stuff.

ironic a person with a Japanese (E. Honda) avatar compares 360 fans (who are mostly American) with those responsible for World War II and the Holocaust (Germany). Also there are assh-les on all systems, if your precious ears cant handle the assh-les then turn off then mic or whatever it takes to not hear them. But dont compare all Americans to Nazis, and don't compare all Germans homophobes, racists, and sexists. Your ingnorance is staggering.

Oh yes and the 360 lineup for E3 is currently lame.

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thereapersson3814d ago

Let's wait till E3 actually gets here before we make any predictions about whether or not MS has any sort of viable lineup this year, shall we?

iDystopia3814d ago

lol Common Sense on N4G? pleaseeeeeeee. ; )

See you when the game has completely changed on June 1st. : )

thereapersson3814d ago

Sure, I prefer the PS3 when I game, but that doesn't mean that I will discount the 360 any when discussing it. Hell, I'm not sure why I'd purchase one only to do so. I don't and will continue to not understand why people buy a console only to trash it verbally for the sake of some trivial fanboy grudge.

Why bother wasting your money if you're going to do so, you know?

mastiffchild3813d ago

You're painfully right reaps. however, it's just as sad when people slag a console they do not own, have no experience of, have no intention of getting and get overprotective of the one they do have.

I get indignation when you feel that something you bought has let you down(if the hardware or software isn't up to scratch fr'instance)but the amount of blind hatred is getting daft these days esp when every console has sold well enough to syggest that none of them will be disappearing any time soon. the sooner we stop worrying about things like "who won E3" and get back to thinking about the games and how good/bad they are the better and more sane it'll be round here.