Sweden gets inFamous with Uncharted 2 Beta Pre-order Offer

Swedish retailer Webhallen writes: "For the customers who pre-order Infamous, an exclusive code to the beta test of Uncharted 2 - Among Thieves, will be included! The beta test will be underway between 3-27 June. The codes will be emailed out in connection with the release."

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WildArmed3810d ago

the more folks dat enjoy this beta+ more feedback 2 devs
= happier world (lol)

Aggesan3809d ago

I have already pre-ordered Infamous from webhallen, so this is great news for me :-)

Shane Kim3809d ago

GREAT!!!! Now Im going to preorder it from webhallen!

Bazookajoe_833809d ago

I called them and asked them about inFAMOUS limited edition, they had no idé what i was talking about. I was pretty annoyed because not only did i want the inFAMOUS artwork that comes with the game but also the uncharted 2 beta. He said that he was going to call and ask Sony about this. The day after it was fixed :-)

Shane Kim3809d ago

Well tack you very much. Nu can jag play this extraordinära game with the U2 BETA :P.

For non swedes: well thank you very much, Now I can play this extraordinary game with the U2 BETA :P.

Aggesan3809d ago

Jag har hört att Game har samma deal. Ringde du dit också? :-P

Shane Kim3809d ago

Jag undrar bara en sak, är det bara spcial edition versionen som har U2 betan? Känns ju lite väl häftigt å pröjsa 649:-. Men jaja skitsamma, man lever bara en gång :P.

Bazookajoe_833809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

Men jag kan tänka mig att Sony ringde runt en del efter att webhallen pratat med dom. Såvitt jag förstått det så verkade de som om ingen limited edition skulle komma till sverige men att det blev ändrat nyligen.

Shane: Såvitt jag vet så är det i Sverige bara special edition, men du kan beställa vanliga spelet från och få med U2 betan. Jag tycker dock inte 649kr var så dyrt för special versionen. Jag såg att vanliga kostade 589kr som billigast på spelbutiken.

DaTruth3809d ago

Sorry if I'm not speaking swede, but I need to know if every retailer in North America is getting the beta or if it's select, cause I will have to pre-order somewhere else for the beta? I Pre-ordered at EB.

Bazookajoe_833809d ago

I think you will get access to the beta in NA territory if you buy it at EB. I checked their website and this is what it says:

"Reserve inFAMOUS and receive a code that unlocks the GameStop exclusive Gigawatt Blades Power. With electric blades extending from his wrists, a single blow annihilates any foe and transforms Cole's hands into instruments of sheer destruction. Yet still gentle enough to allow for the occasional tickling. Available for online and in-store customers while supplies last.

Online / In-Store Pickup Customers: The exclusive code and instructions will be emailed when your game ships.

Store Customers: A pre-order card with code and instructions will be available at time of game pick-up.

Purchase inFAMOUS and receive a Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Multiplayer Beta voucher. Available for online and in-store customers, while supplies last. Beta program begins 06/03/09 and ends 06/28/09.

Online / In-Store Customers: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Multiplayer Beta vouchers will come packaged inside specially marked boxes of inFAMOUS."

DaTruth3809d ago

Thanks a lot! This is the stuff on this site that makes up for having to listen to fanboys(any kind). Since coming on here, I never bought a bad game unless I knew it could be bad going into it.

I could miss the demo for the Gigawatt blades, but I can't miss the Uncharted beta.

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