Latest Famitsu review scores

The latest Famitsu review scores are now available.

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cayal3808d ago

Mass Effect just released in Japan? Sheesh that took ages.

Gambit073808d ago

Weird, I thought they had already reviewed this and gave it like a super low score...

Baba19063808d ago

wow awesome score for the mmo thing there. i wasnt expecting it to be any good.

Gambit073808d ago

Wow, Uncharted Waters gets a 9/9/8/10. Hope this makes it out here.

robotnik3808d ago

they have to review old ass games from the 360 since they are not releasing any new game there! OMGWTF

Snake Raiser3808d ago

Looking forward to uncharted waters! Uncharted Waters Online - Cruz del Sur (PS3) - 9/9/8/10

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