New Mac ads Take a Swipe at Laptop hunter ads

Apple Has Just Recently released a new set of ads that clearly take a jab at MS Laptop Hunter ads in these they basically say if you want a trouble and hassle free computer get a mac. Enjoy!

jack who5246d ago

1. click link
2. try to play video
3. been told to get the latest quick time
4. ???
5. profit

FragMnTagM5246d ago

just to watch a stupid Mac ad.

Theoneneo815246d ago

please keep ur fanboyisms to the other tab :)

BulletToothtony5246d ago

hate MS when it comes to sony and ms and then they defend and love MS when it comes to ms and apple..

the irony of fanboys...

Windows 7 looks very promising.. but os-x works so amazingly smooth.. i'm not a fanboy i'm a realist..

if you've never tried os-x don't hate it..

Kakkoiii5246d ago

Quicktime Alternative. It doesn't have all the extra useless resource using quicktime processes that constantly run on your computer. It's a community made one, instead of totalitarian Apple run.

menoyou5246d ago

gotta agree with the first 2 guys. download a mac product just to view their stupid ad? lol no thanks.

WhittO5246d ago (Edited 5246d ago )

Quicktime is a better player than anything that comes with Windows, atleast it plays flash vids and GIFs! lol

Plus, you wont download Quicktime for free but will download other stuff like Adobe Reader etc ? Which you KNOW you have lol.

EDIT: I think they are pushing the no-virus thing, they do have viruses but hardly any compared to windows simply because Macs are not as popular, so the ****heads who create viruses do it for Winows = more people.
I think they should go for things like battery life and build of their products etc, thats where the differences are.

krisq5246d ago

I do not use Adobe reader, too slow. Foxit is your answer.

Thugbot1875246d ago

OSX and Macs still don't address the issue. No hardcore games...

Kakkoii5246d ago


Umm lol? Gif's don't need a program to open. They open just like jpeg, bmp, png, etc.. in Windows. And the Combined Community Codec Pack with Media Player classic is the best player you can get. As it supports pretty much every format/codec ever created lol. Even Apple's .MOV files. Plus it's free and open source.

whoelse5245d ago

Works fine for my in Google Chrome.

Just update your Quicktime.

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jack who5246d ago

i lol'd @ macs never crash or get viruses crap....

whatever happen to the days lawsuit over false advertising?

bouncybullet5246d ago

Why did you lol?

Because it's so hilariously true?

menoyou5246d ago

its not true at all, macs crash worse than windows and youre more likely to get infected with a virus or trojan on macs because people think they dont exist hahaha

macs are also always the first ones to get hacked in hacking competitions.

Cryos5246d ago

If you wanted to sue, by all means..... but you would lose.

If you rewatch it, they never say "macs don't get viruses or crash"

What they do is say is basically "PCs get viruses and crash"

subtle difference there that gets their point across but which doesn't have false advertising. It's the same way businesses can say "under $100" then charge $99.99.

PS, I'm a mac, and it's sooooo much more reliable than my Windows based comps.

y0haN5245d ago

You see, Cryos can get away with that because we don't know how crappy his Windows PCs are, compared to his (in my opinion) overpriced, probably new Mac.

You see, I can get away with that, because I said 'in my opinion'.

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mrdxpr25246d ago

hahaha love those comercials they are very funny and true .... hehe windows always freezes and crashes in small words windows sucks actually MS sucks.... Im a Mac and i did this in the speed of sound

Eiffel5246d ago

Look something shiny, I'll charge you 3,000 for it.

GEESE5246d ago (Edited 5246d ago )

I myself like the MAC OS, but thats it.
They are over priced, and for all the lying mac fools like this loser who believe the hype that jobs spoon feeds them, my wife's macbook has TWICE had to go to the mac store to be repaired/replaced, and my PC I built MYSELF (something you can never begin to imagine coz you're a mac as you say) is fine.
No software.
No games.
No choices of hardware upgrades, just after 2 years or so the new line comes out and you are forgotten.
No right mouse button.
No mouse scroll wheel.
Not much of anything really.
NIce OS though, petty there is nothing to run on it.

Finalfantasykid5245d ago (Edited 5245d ago )


Ellessdee5246d ago

and ill always be a pc. because pcs are highly customizable, cheaper to buy, and play all the great new video games. ok so they are kinda vulnerable to viruses, but only from user negligence. excellent full system security is pretty cheap nowadays. but my pc has never crashed, even during gameplay.

bouncybullet5246d ago

For heavy duty Windows games i'll boot into my XP partition.

When I want to work on my music, make a movie or surf the internet/download anything without worrying about viruses and malware, I'll use my Mac partition.

Virus protection may be cheaper these days but it's still another program running in the background.

Windows needs to stop trying to look like OS X and start trying to work like OS X.

Kakkoiii5246d ago (Edited 5246d ago )

To work like Mac OS X, it would first need to drop down to 1/3 market share, so Hackers stop caring about making Virus's for it, and focus on the main market share OS.

Then it would need to reduce it's framework to a basic dos construct, with a poorly designed file system that has a cap on it's transfer speed. From there, it would need to dumb down everything and become minimalist. Then adopt the Totalitarian Attitude of Apple to top it off, deciding what hardware and software you should and can be using.

I use Windows XP, fully updated. Firefox 3 with Ad-Block plus. And I run Spyware Search & Destroy once in a while to make sure my system is clean. No anti-virus running in the background. (And if a strong virus manages to make it onto my system, one run of Combofix.exe will eliminate it.)

To this date I have never crashed or frozen up. And I do a lot of porn surfing and pirating lol. Plus I do Graphic Design, 3D Modeling/Animation, Video editing, Texturing and delve into html/css, php, & javascript.

solidsnakus5246d ago

well thats very savy... you buy an overpriced mac then install windows xp on it? why didnt you just buy a regular laptop and you would of saved 500-1000$ yea you could get viruses but that issue is really only for dumbasses that click agree to any bullshat popup that comes up on the internet. making movies on a mac.. yea shure like there isnt any movie editing applications on pc, theres hundreds of em online.

Finalfantasykid5246d ago

You guys must get really cheap computers( sub-$500 range), because if you actually spent some money on a half decent computer, you would have no troubles with hardware crashes/and magically, Windows will actually *gasp* run properlly the way it should. Most people blame windows for their computers crashing, but 99% the time, its probably your crap hardware.

I would love to see how OSX would run on a cheap 200-300 dollar computer. It would have so many issues it wouldn't even be funny. Apple however only really makes medium to high end computers(which is good by the way, since anyone buying a computer for less than 1000 is getting totally ripped off in the long run), so you never really get to see the bad side of the Macs. What these commercials are comparing, is a $2000 mac, to a $200 PC. Thats like comparing a Ferrari to a VW Bug, of course we know who will win. I like this comparison a little better...

Thats a fair comparison :)

phosphor1125246d ago

PC means "Personal Computer". Whether Mac, Windows, or even Linux, I can deliver in many different aspects, varying and specializing in many different consumer needs. Need something simplistic and reliable? Get a Mac, need something with compatibility out the box? Get Windows. Want to be an ub3r l33t H4x0r and do anything a Mac or Windows can do? Get Linux.

I'm a PC. =]

phosphor1125246d ago

An OS should be able to run on "crap hardware". And as for a Mac running on a "cruddy" computer, it CAN happen, just not well. It wont crash or anything, it will just run slow. It needs a decent GPU. Mac's desktop a long with basic process are done using the GPU, allowing the CPU to be used for more process intensive programs.

By the way, I'm a declared computer science major and has had to reformat my Windows distro's about 8 times total. I have never had to reformat my Linux once.