Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete dated for US

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete has received a U.S. release date.

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Bill Gates3809d ago


FamilyGuy3809d ago

This movie has it's own legs, I don't need a demo for this beautiful movie. Im getting my from for $23

BTW, pricing and release date has been known for months...

slave2Dcontroller3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

Well said indeed.

Dragun6193809d ago

Hmm...It'll probably be priced in stores such as Target and Best Buy for $25-$30 especially during the first week its release.

I'm gonna get it since it features 1080/7.1 surround sound along with 30 minutes worth of new film. Plus it'll have the 2 OVAs, one featuring the kid and the other with Zack.

Also did anyone notice that the release date for FF:Advent Children Complete is coincidentally the same day as Sony's E3 conference June 2?
Hmm...FF7 on PSN announcement maybe.

AKNAA3809d ago

I'd have to agree with Canary, since I already have the 2 disc dvd version So a demo of FF13 along with the blu-ray version would of convinced me to purchase it for sure. Oh well.. Guess I'll save that money for upcoming PS3 exclusives.

badz1493809d ago

it won't have sold that much in Japan if it's not for the FFXIII demo. I doubt this will be as big of a hit in NA considering they are going to charge full-price for the movie minus the demo which is available in the Japanese version. but this is still depends on how many people know about the deal in Japan. but seriously, No demo because they can't release it for the 360? I, not for once can accept that logic of SE!

FantasyStar3809d ago

Hey, thanks for the link! $23 sounds alot better than $40!

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dericb113809d ago

I was going to pick this up knowing the demo is not with it. But if this movie is $39.00 w/o the demo SE can kiss my rear end. Its sad know we are getting screwed but if they think a old movie is that much I will pass.

madjedi3809d ago

walmart will probably have it for $24-29, amazon has it for $23 i believe.

Square Enix still owns the final fantasy series ect rights, but sony is distributing it, i think sony also distributed resident evil degeneration.

FFXI1013809d ago

But, I'd be happier if they release the Cloud Black PS3 here in the states.

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