360/PS3 Cost Calculator - The Price of Next-Gen Gaming

Evil Avatar came across a great little cost calculator for determining how much each of the next-gen systems cost. It takes into account the various features and accessories such as headsets, rechargable controllers and more. It also asks you a series of questions such as, "Do you have an HDTV? Does your TV have HDMI? Do you want a High Definition Movie disc player?" Selecting a lot of items in the 'need' column such as wireless headset, 120 gig drive, and others will really drive up the cost.

Here's what they came up with for low-cost and fully-loaded solutions:

Xbox 360 Core + Memory Card = $339.91
PS3 (60 gig) = $599.99

Xbox 360 Elite + goodies = $833.61
PS3 (60 gig) + goodies = $790.36

Go Ahead, You Give it a try

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DrWan4758d ago

Xbox 360 Core + Memory Card = $339.91
PS3 (60 gig) = $599.99

PS3 20 Gig should be compared on the Low Cost one instead.

techie4758d ago

It's fun! And the 20gb is closer matched to the Xbox premium

TheMART4758d ago

Only if


In reality they only offer the 60 GB model. Everywhere I go in the Netherlands. Bet it is Sony not delivering the others. People come in, ask for the 20 GB model. Isn't there. They want the console so they buy the 60 GB one. Or they don't buy anything at all, or they step in with the 360 which saves you money.

BTW, a HD-DVD add-on for 200 dollar/euro shouldn't be included for the costs of


That doesn't include playing video's. It's all about games. Which is the 360

techie4757d ago (Edited 4757d ago )

you're not convincing anyone here themart...take your propaganda somewhere else.

For what I want it is evenly matched in the UK...I'm not sure how much the elite will be...but I guess it'll be around £ £450 against £450 over here.

techie4758d ago

For what i comes out as $785 for the 360 and $660 for the ps3. And all I wanted was a HD movie player and wireless (plus HDMI cable)

Marty83704758d ago

But we already new

shikwan4757d ago

There's no cost for these items and the comparison of core vs 60Gb PS3 makes this bogus.

Besides costs doesn't matter so much this gen. It's all about multiplayer capabilities. They should've compared the features of XBL vs Pnis Network!

techie4757d ago

1. That's been done to death. and 2. "Besides costs doesn't matter so much this gen"...cost matters ANY gen.

dantesparda4757d ago (Edited 4757d ago )

On a article about cost, then go right ahead, that only adds to the 360's cost, as Xbox Live costs you $50 a year, whereas it costs nothing on the PS3 thus far, so yeah, add another 50 dollars to the 360's price. Ha ha! sucker! And you know you gotta have Live for the 360, that's over half the experience right there

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The story is too old to be commented.