Limited Edition Xbox 360 Shoe

IGN writes: We've seen a lot of ridiculous console merchandise come across our desks here at IGN Gear, and while there are an infinite number of excessive products, thankfully they retail at prices that aren't going to make you feel like you were left unguarded in a prison shower for five minutes. Today, unfortunately, that trend ends as we've been made aware of Xbox-themed shoes that cost more than six Xbox 360 Elite consoles. Do they interact with your games? Nope. Do you get free DLC by purchasing them? Nah. Will they result in you getting into a fight with the kid wearing the PS3 leather jacket? Winner winner chicken dinner!

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jav09183814d ago

produced by heelys but they really aren't heelys they are just custom nike sb's made by some really good artist.

Jaces3814d ago

ugh, what next? Xbox shampoo?

karan86243813d ago

Those would actually look really cool if they didnt have the xbox logo on them. The Xbox logo would just get you beat up in high school :O

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Snake Raiser3814d ago

Sony: plz make something like this. They should! I would rather have jet black shoes than green ones. Either way, sony should do some of this crazy stuff. GOWlll shoes?

KionicWarlord2223814d ago

Well kinda looks like the xbox 360. But then again i could find a shoe with x`s in it... Is the bonus you can use it as a controller? joking.

lloyd_wonder3814d ago

isn't that the xbox 1 logo? Never seen the 360 with that logo

I did not murder him3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

They're 360 shoes with the xbox brand logo. The x stands for the brand the *X* does not determine the generation but the fact the X is on a Jewel does.

*PS* with the upright P and the flat S is a brand logo.

Here is some PS3 cloths

Does this mean they're PS1 hats in the link? JK each company does things different. Looks like Elite themed shows because thats what Microsoft had in mind when choosing its color.

They almost look like the design was an attempt to merge both generations with XBOX and Xbox 360 greens merging.

FlameBaitGod3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

I know ill see I did not murder him buy like 5 pairs

dachiefsman3814d ago

it glows with a 3 ring of death in the dark.....I kid I kid.

phosphor1123814d ago

It has a chance of overheating.


Elimin83814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

And the sole starts coming off or melting away....

SnuggleBandit3814d ago

lol at the two above me...rofl

uxo223814d ago

But none of that starts before the haters start to

FantasyStar3814d ago

Awesome joke. So I guess those shoes are covered under the 3 year warranty then!

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The story is too old to be commented.