10° Reviews Demigod

It's interesting to compare Demigod to another recent Gas Powered Games offering, Supreme Commander. Supreme Commander was supposed to be the ultimate massive RTS. The camera could zoom out to an almost planetary distance, multiple battles could take place over areas that dwarfed other RTS maps, and the game was supposed to be easier to play with two monitors, so that you could manage multiple views and areas at once. It was eventually ported to consoles, where it foundered, revealing itself to be a game almost too complex to even muddle through on a console. Ironically, Demigod feels as much like, if not more like, a true PC game than did Supreme Commander. This is due to it being a complicated RTS with little to no documentation or tutorial aid. There are complicated space sims and deep, old-school RPGs out there with much better tutorials and developer-produced aids.

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