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Velvet Assassin places you in the shoes of Violette Summer, a British spy working behind German lines in Second World War. It is in many ways a recognizable "stealth action" game, where you'll find that you have to stick to the shadows and avoid direct confrontations with enemies in order to progress. The question is, will this game differentiate itself from the pack of similar titles? It is fairly unique in that your protagonist is based on real-life spy Violette Szabbo, who met a grim end in a concentration camp at the tender age of 23. This and other subjects are touched on in an interview with Inga Mittendorf, associate producer for Replay Studios.

Jason Rothauser: It seems that stealth games have a fine line to walk when it comes to the main character. Your character can't be too powerful compared to the enemies, or else the option to simply chuck the stealth and kill everyone opens up, potentially ruining the stealth experience by removing meaningful incentives. On the flip side, implement countermeasures that are too heavy-handed – e.g. instant deaths/game-overs upon discovery – and the game will quickly become no fun. How do you make your character feel powerful and fun to play as, while forcing the player to use stealth? How do you avoid frustration?

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