Nintendo's secret game will make gamers "excited"

On the 45th Nintendo Voice Chat podcast, it was revealed that Nintendo was holding an event with the press which would focus on a secret game. Then on the latest podcast released yesterday, it was reconfirmed that the event would take place today.

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DrRobotnik3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

Is it Mario galaxy 2 or a new zelda made on the wii's hardware? If not.....I don't care.I bet it's carnival games 2. Ready for some more fun, throwing virtual bean bags with the wiimote.

Mini Mario3810d ago

Man it could be anything from kid icurus to f zero, to another zelda with motion plus. Too hard to guess.

maybe a new IP he he

velcry3810d ago

which subset of the gaming population Nintendo has decided to focus on this generation.

And the part that makes me sad, is that I don't think I'm part of that priority group. Please prove me wrong Big N.

FinalomegaS3810d ago

Nintendo made a carnival game? I would think a 1st party game from Nintendo that would make us "excited" would be one of their core game.

Kid Icarus
and so on.

Would love a wii earthbound...(not going to happen) ;_;

razorbladelight3810d ago

Oh, I bet it's wii music 2!!! or maybe animal crossing, an expansion pack!!!! Oh, cuz we all know that that's what Nintendo thinks we want!!! Oh, I cannot wait for this

kevnb3810d ago

nintendo doesn't seem interested in creating something new and exciting anymore. It will probably be zelda 26 or mario 500...

Trebius3810d ago

After their amazing launch titles...all i've seen is piles and piles of garbage games...with an exception or two in between.

I'm not even HOPING for a good announcement...i'm really at the point where I dont care anymore...I'm expecting some sort of wii (insert garbage here) gimmicky game.

I would've sold my Wii if it had good resale value...for now i'm just waiting for punch out and hoping for the best.

TheDude2dot03810d ago

You heard it from me first. I have inside information that the game is called Wii Dogz. This interactive game allows you to pet, feed, and brush your dog using the Wii's innovative Motion controllers! I even heard that the Motion Plus feature will be available for use!

Mini Mario3809d ago

"Oh, I bet it's wii music 2!!! or maybe animal crossing, an expansion pack!!!!"

Dont be so stupid...nintendo doesnt do expansion pak's ;-)

"Oh, cuz we all know that that's what Nintendo thinks we want!!! Oh, I cannot wait for this"

Yep they sure dont know how to sell a console. U sure showed them.

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Dorfdad3810d ago

Sounds more like Excite Bike the rumored wii remake... and Im not excited about Nintendo or the Wii anymore.

SL1M DADDY3810d ago

It sure would be nice to have them release something that would in fact get me excited about gaming on the Wii but in past months they have failed to do so... In other words, I am not getting my hopes up.

Smacktard3810d ago

Eh, reminds me of Excite Bots. They said that game would be awesome and totally sweet and exactly what the hardcore were wanting, but it didn't interest me much (although it does look like a solid effort, with a few bad design choices). Hopefully it is something good though.

n4gn4gn4gn4g3810d ago

I hope its a proper WiiGen Pokemon game.

OGharryjoysticks3810d ago

Wii Sex (For the Ladies)

Extra rumble for that Wiimote during penetration and fat girls everywhere go from Wii-Fit to Wii-Sex.

pixelsword3810d ago

...what were you doin-AAH!

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The story is too old to be commented.