Square-Enix's mysterious new game writes:

"Well it looks like Square-Enix is hard at work on a new project, unfortunately there is not much info on this game. As of right now we do not know the title, genre, or platform for this new project as it remains a complete mystery."

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OGharryjoysticks3816d ago

"As of right now we do not know the title, genre, or platform for this new project as it remains a complete mystery."

LOL...these buttheads actually said they don't know if the game is 360 exclusive again. Like Square Enix is suddenly about to take Microsoft out of its mouth this gen.

steriotyp3816d ago

the only information given was from Playstation Magazine, meaning we're pretty sure it's on PS3, and possibly 360. Funny how people read one sentence and jump to conclusions.

blitz06233815d ago

one thing I don't understand is, they're developing another game, while both FFXIII and Versus are still under development. Let's just hope this doesn't turn out to be something like Infinite Undiscovery or Last Remnant.

Lately, Square hasn't been producing quality games. And is it a coincidence most of these games were for the 360? Even so, Square better get their act together or else people will eventually lose faith in their biggest franchise, the Final Fantasy series

Godmars2903815d ago

Don't forget the new Front Mission and the ton of DS remakes. And then there's DQ9.

Cartesian3D3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

SE have about 3k staff. they have enough people to make different games for all platforms.. the only thing that suck is their management..

they didnt release a SINGLE AAA title for next gen consoles yet.. just look at other Japanese devs like SEGA,Capcom ..SE cant even dominate japanese market.. (look at MGS4,WKC,Yakuza,RE,DMC... none of them are for SE)

imo their manager is dumbas$ .. :P

Disccordia3815d ago

To be fair to SE, they've only actually made one game so far this gen and whilst it was not great, it was also made by their B or maybe even C-Team. Clearly, the people who really matter are working on games that are looking rather good. Having said that, this new game is probably from the last remnant team, so lets hope they've learned from that experience.

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ExiesBestFan3815d ago

Vagrant Story 2 ?

is a action-gdr, right ?

BlackIceJoe3815d ago

Vagrant Story 2 would be Awesome more Ashley riot would be great. Also the team that did FFT:The Lions Wars was looking at bringing a remake of Vagrant Story to the PSP. So if there was to be a remake and a sequel I would be thrilled.

koehler833815d ago

I don't give a crap what Square Enix is making anymore.

Godmars2903815d ago

For the why devs d*ck around which platform their building on. Trying to influence which one we buy, but doing so at the last possible minute.

mastiffchild3815d ago

Well yes, but the three years trumpeting "only on Playstation" after FF13 trailers prolly did(I know a few who did myself)influence lots of gamers to get a PS3(and the heritage on PS2 I guess)and the "last minute" isn't right for FF13 anyway as by the time a 360/western PS3 owner gets to play it E3 2008 will be pretty distant as a memory.

I do feel for big fans of theirs that feel let down and haven't got a single game of theirs to play even now.

Godmars2903815d ago

Yeah, that's what I meant. "Last Minute" is a relative term.

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The story is too old to be commented.