AMD's x86 license set to expire in 48 hours?

BSN: "Almost two months ago, we witnessed the open war of words between AMD and Intel, ending in Intel's press release citing that AMD's split to AMD and GlobalFoundries will lead to the termination of AMD's x86 license. Wording was not exactly what you could say, "in gloves""

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Nihilism3810d ago

that's crazy, intel's not making many fans, they tried to breach an nvidia contract and tried to stop them from making cpu's, i only hope nvidia does start to make cpu's and the intel will be the third wheel against ATI and nvidia ( who would both manufacture video cards and cpu's)

The Great Melon3810d ago

Wow, that's some interesting stuff that I haven't heard until now. And I thought the console wars was fairly heated.

FantasyStar3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

You've only touched the light of the PC world. Unlike consoles. You'll have wars between RAM makers, CPU makers, GPU makers, DVD-Drive makers, and just about everything in your PC. It's bitter and fanboyism reaches a new level here because you'll have grown men arguing instead of kids arguing with each other.

And unlike console fanboys, PC fanboys actually have facts and numbers to back it all up: which just makes it more complicated. Would you argue against a guy who can outline and detail the entire Core i7 architecture in less than a paragraph? I know I can't even begin to remember transistor counts and Basic input/output info.

And we haven't even begun to argue between C++ vs. Java. vs VB-Script vs. .NET vs. Perle and which code runs more effective on CPUs under which type of supported instruction for a speed boost. And I haven't even begun to talk about which chipset is the best for the CPU.

And if you think just hardware e-penis is bad. Just google info regarding Nvidia's smear campaigns and Intel "rumored" giving money to AMD to keep them in business to prevent a monopoly. The outbreak when ATI was bought out by AMD was bigger than FFXIII going over to 360.

It's much more embittered in PC World. Much Much more.

Kakkoii3809d ago

I can say I'm an OCZ fanboy for my computer parts :P, I think they make awesome products, not just top performing, but cool looking to.

Lumbo3810d ago

Intel should treat VERY lightly there, as being a company with a significant market domination such a move might kick of an enormous anti-competition fine, one that would dwarf the billion pounds fine they got lately. You just can't legally "contract" your competition out of the whole market like this.