InFamous Can Compete With Any Game

From The Site...In an interview Sucker Punch's co-founder and producer Brian Fleming shared his thoughts about the 'Prototype vs. inFamous' debate constantly raging all over the Internet.

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pixelsword3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

where to put the GOTY trophy. That game is spot on from what I've seen. The only things that could (*possibly*) knock it off of my list would be

- The Agency
- D.C. online
- Heavy Rain
- Alan Wake
- Killzone 2 (my other choice for GOTY)
- god of War
- One of Team ICO's game
- WarDevil (at least graphically)
- Huxley
- Sadness for the Wii
- MAG (better known as First Person Warhawk)

and I'm not sure if any of those games are coming out in 2009 for certain.

shawnsl653811d ago

i sure hope Heavy Rain comes out this winter, and some gameplay footage of alan wake if possible. Both strikes me so far as a virtual book/novel (which is great).

themyk3811d ago

uncharted 2 GOTY
that being said. i reeeeaaaaly want inFAMOUS.
inFAMOUS well get new ip of the year thats for sure.
well maybe not maybe heavy rain well get new ip of the year. who knows either way it's a win for me. cause i'll be getting all three day one. yay

Jaces3811d ago

Damn, PS3 games have GoTY written all over them this year.


u got owned3811d ago

Too soon to be talking about what game is getting Gotty this year.

On topic, this game is gonna own.

KwietStorm3811d ago

So it's game of the year already, and you haven't even played it? Then you go on to say that the only thing that could possibly knock it off your list is a huge list of other games? ..what?

And they already said the Agency and DC Universe are not coming this year.

rakzztar3811d ago

where's modern warfare 2?

themyk3811d ago

there is no damn way modern warfare 2 is going to get GOTY. mark my words. if modern warfare 2 gets GOTY i'll shave my head.

talltony3811d ago

nothing more than a hulk rehash with a few new powers. Its gonna get 7's and 8's you'll see. If infamous and prototype were movies which movie would you rather see?

ThanatosDMC3811d ago

The sad thing is we all know that a Sony exclusive will never have GOTY... they'll at least make the GOTY game a multiplat or a 360 exclusive... no joke. Gears2 getting GOTY last year was such a joke for a broken game with so many noticeable graphical flaws. It was absurd!

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-Mezzo-3811d ago

I completely agree. it is amazing to see how this title was a second thought and now all of a sudden it's in the driving seat.

I don't know about all of you but the wait to play this is sure driving me crazy.

themyk3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

the wait is killing YOU. you just put it in your drivers seat. this badboy has been in my drivers seat since last year E3 for me. i've been hyping this game to my friends since i heard about it.
so the wait has been killing me for a year.
have a bubble friend_o i'm feeling like a giver.

Gamerbee3811d ago

I dont think it will flop, BUT you cant compare it to inFAMOUS. It looks to become boring & is only going to be like 8 hours on linear gameplay. You dont get to choose to be good or bad.Where as Infamous has over 25 hours without doing side mission. Better graphic, gameplay & has more powers. 16 to be precise. It was interesting to see XBOX fanboys bag infamous coz they couldnt get it. But now. Their silent. Im getting both. But Im looking forward to inFAMOUS. Thanx Sony.

Eiffel3811d ago

Prototype is being published by Activision. Radical Entertainment developed it.


lokiroo4203811d ago

This true except for one game, and we all know what ps3 game that is, dont even need to say it by name.

mrnjl3811d ago

Little Princess Barbie`s Great Big Princess Adventure?
Is that the game?

Steve0073811d ago

Yet another dirt kick in the xbots face.

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The story is too old to be commented.