1UP: Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Review

For the most part, you're playing a slick, streamlined action-RPG that knows how to move as fast or as methodically as you want. But sometimes, it grinds to a halt. Underneath the open-world thrill, the addictive character advancement, and the lovely graphics, something is unstable. Sacred 2 is fussy about graphics settings, prone to crashing, and given to inexplicable slowdown. Usually a quick save and reboot addresses everything nicely.

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jBat173807d ago

But the point--
You won't find a single--
This artwork and creativity would have supported some grand vistas if--

am i missing something it my browser?

Darkfiber3806d ago

If you read the whole review, at the end it says "In case it's annoying to have the paragraphs cut off suddenly, I'm prepping you for the experience of Sacred 2." meaning the author did it on purpose to represent how often the game cuts out.