Next Generation Not Starting Anytime Soon

We,as gamers, are barely over three years into this generation of home consoles, the 7th generation so far, and people are already talking about the next generation. Some people even think that the next console generation will start within the next two years. Most people assume that Microsoft will come out with a new Xbox first, similar to this generation, but The Gamer
Access has its doubts that this will happen for several reasons. The Gamer Access doesn't think any new home consoles will come out before 2011 at the earliest and here is why.

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DrRobotnik3808d ago

I'm in no rush for the next generation of consoles(except nintendo's). I'm waiting for these consoles to truly go to there limits before the next generations. Now as for you nintendo. Quit with all this motion control crap, and give me some 1080p mario and zelda action already.