IGN: Contra ReBirth Impressions

IGN writes: "Konami's latest neo-retro game, Contra ReBirth, is up on WiiWare in Japan and we've been having a great time with it. So far it's got everything you'd want in a Contra game: huge bosses, screens filled with bullets, and muscle-bound Arnold Schwarzenegger wannabes. This isn't Konami's first ReBirth – Gradius ReBirth arrived here in the States in March. But it lacked any form of two-player mode and the Vic Viper is just the most awkward hunk of junk in the galaxy. This latest Contra feels great, looks great, and is great fun with a buddy."

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Shnazzyone3807d ago

This game can end the wiiware drought. Last decent addition was Banzai Barber since then just crap puddles each week. We need something dammmit.