The Full Interview: Nintendo's Denise Kaigler

Denise Kaigler showed up to our interview barefoot and...well, otherwise, professionally dressed from head to right above the ankles. And it's not just her lack of footwear that gave Nintendo of America's Vice President, Corporate Affairs her laid-back vibe: She small talked, she smiled and chuckled a lot, and she made us feel at ease.

She's almost like the Wii itself: something more casual for Nintendo's new place in this industry. But push her too hard, and her tough, former-reporter self will come out and try to put you back in your place. OK, so she wouldn't bite when asked if the iPhone is a threat to the DS platform, but we did get a chance to discuss plenty more. Where are the hardcore games? Why don't third-party title sell? And what the hell is Rock 'N' Roll Climber?

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