Which Console Has The Most Potential? Former Producers of The Call of Duty Franchise Lay It All Out

Former Call of Duty producers and current co-founders of Epicenter Studios, Nathaniel McClure and Bryan Jury, answers all the questions laying on gamer's minds.

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KionicWarlord2224460d ago

This was a nice interview. These guys are real friendly. I like how he explains about the ps3 question.

Nick2120044460d ago

Glad you liked the interview. Be sure to keep checking back at for more.

50CALheadshot4460d ago (Edited 4460d ago )

im up in arms, the interview is ok i guess. nothin really major

thebudgetgamer4460d ago

good interview. keep up the good work.


IdleLeeSiuLung4460d ago

I would rather have it transcribed. I don't like podcast as they take too much time to listen to and I loose focus. Any chance they will be available in both formats, written and audio, for us non podcasters?

GarandShooter4460d ago

I'm with IdleLee. I would much rather have it in written format and be able to scan and read the parts I found interesting.

pain777pas4460d ago

Good interview. I'm sure that the angle of the answer on potential was not what anyone was looking for but its interesting. XBL is pretty cool but PSN is like the same thing give and take a few features. I think that the Xbox has a legacy in the online space in that it works however I prefer the PSN space because downloaded games are mine on PS3 or PSP online or off and that's what matters to me most because sometimes I don't want anyone to bother me while I play single player. Intersting angle on the answer that I did not expect I don't think that it will matter at the end of the day though cause seriously XBL and PSN are about the same you have to choose what games you like and how and even when you want to play them.

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Ldubbz4460d ago

An informative interview. Its nice to hear actual professionals in the industry cutting through the BS we hear from less reputable sources all the time.

Shadow Man4460d ago (Edited 4460d ago )

Damn nasim can you hook me up too?

iDystopia4460d ago

lol Nasim laughed at your joke with one of his other accounts. This clown is hilarious.

Obama4460d ago

but can you bots refute what he said? Guess not.

iDystopia4460d ago (Edited 4460d ago )

Obama = Nasim

lol What a massive tard. Everyone knows your accounts dummy, just no one cares anymore. The open zone is now the "Nasim Insane Asylum"

Don't you think we can tell the same 10-15 tards posting weird biased things about the 360...and that u never see on any other site...are different people? lol It's obvious it's one weird Anti-American person with an agenda(You, Nasim), anyways...

...As if anyone takes you(the above accounts and many more) or any other repetitious Sony Tard serious...we know you act this way out of desperation...*the PS3's fortunes this generation bother you*. But you will have to get over it. Not really any other choice and it's not like your 500 accounts on are going to change anything anyways haha

This generations Xbox and Playstation are BY FAR the closest any two consoles have ever been. It's so close that they are basically the same.

But only one console has 300 more games too choose from, Xbox Live(1 vs. 100 coming), a modern controller, achievements in every game, the big popular franchises, the big MLG games and the best version of almost every game released this generation. Facts are good huh?'s just not PS3. See you at E3. : )

iDystopia4460d ago

haha The truth about your little game and this generation stings I see...

That's fine. PS3 is still going to lose(Already has). :)

Obama4460d ago

I think you are a true retard if you think I am Nasim. We don't even have the same writing style. I will, however, admit that I am a fanboy who enjoy owning you bots in the face with facts.

iDystopia4460d ago

Sure Nasim. Keep saying that and you might fool somebody.

4460d ago
Deadman644460d ago

lol because he changes his "writing style" thats proof its not the same person. You know its not hard to change your writing style on the fly right, or you did get to basic composition/writing styles in like erm....what grade do you learn that? I wanna say first? Second? Third?

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TheBand1t4460d ago

I'm not gonna lie, you sound like a gigantic dork. :)

I kid, I kid.

JaPo4460d ago

One of those 'perpetually suffering from a runny nose' dorks.

Pretty amateur, really, but some decent questions. Some of the articles N4G praise as 'good writing' are delivered with a literary elegance comparable to Karen Matthews' sex moans... So don't trust their views.

But hell, anything concerned with COD, it's gotta be praised.

2FootYard4460d ago (Edited 4460d ago )

I just gave all three of you positive feedback. Keep up the good work.

Edit: You got one too idystopia.

Shadow Man4460d ago (Edited 4460d ago )

Bubbles for you too.

sennasnit4460d ago

I like your Mr Bungle avatar...

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