Another Gamer Screwed by GameStop

It seems to me that every month there is another story of another gamer getting screwed by GameStop. Surprisingly, the store is still in business and no news of it going under even after so many reports from customers getting screwed by their policies.

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DrRobotnik3807d ago

Unless another gaming store rises up to give competition to gamestop. There's nothing truly we can do.

nightelfmohawk3807d ago

If you have access to the internet, you already have access to much better stores than Gamestop. I don't hate Gamestop per se, although their practices of selling used games for $5 less than brand new prices and selling opened games as brand new disgust me. However, I buy probably 90% of my games at I did cave in and pre-order InFamous at Gamestop for the Gigawatt Blade though. That's probably the first time I pre-ordered a game at Gamestop in maybe 3 years. I do like their selection of used last gen games though.

TheAntiFanboy3807d ago

The reason why they don't fall under is because 1. casual consumers have no idea what they're getting themselves into when they shop at a GameStop and think that the atrocities that happen are just the way the game business works, and 2. not all GameStops suck. The one down my street is awesome.

menoyou3807d ago

um you can go to best buy, sell your games on amazon or ebay, etc.

gamestop has no place in this world right now. naive children is what keeps their business alive. everyone should have boycotted them long ago, thats what i did.

Tapewurm3807d ago

Gamestop is not at fault here people.... Anthony needs to learn how to be responsible and hold on to a receipt. How the hell did he lose his receipt in the time it took him to go home and put the disc in his Xbox 360 and discover that the disc was faulty...however, this is a 360 we are talking about... may need to think of trading that in too :P. OK OK enough PS3 Fanboyism :) My point is this... He either was trying to pull one over on Gamestop by switching out a disc he already had that was ruined, or he is just a complete incompetent terd that may have just watched one too many Cheech and Chong movie and accidentally smoked his receipt. In my opinion Gamestop is the one being screwed here....having to deal with terds like this.

JohnnyMann4203806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

Maybe back in the day ... you know, before AMAZON AND EBAY I would have agreed with you, but c'mon.

You can shop online, go to a local Gamestop. Buy new from any store, etc.

People that think Gamestop is so horrible should get a life.

I get my Game Informer Magazine Subscription there, I BS with the workers there. I've been going to it since it was FuncoLand!

Gamestop doesn thrive via screwing people over. It thrives because it is a videogame based business.

If you don't like their prices...simply don't that so hard to understand?

I want to note that I was totally jonesing for CvS 2 the other day and googled that sh*t right up. Found it online at and went and picked it up during lunch. Was playing it all last night.

To me Gamestop is useful and I think these articles complaining about it, constantly mind you, are pointless crybabying.

I also think this article is lies. At least here (in MN) all of your transactions are stored on their computer.... no receipt needed.

Hell, I haven't needed a preorder, post purchase receipt at a Gamespot for years.

AAACE53806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

If you feel like Gamestop is screwing you over... "STOP GOING THERE!"

If you get burned when you stick your hand in the fire, would you do it again?

GS only has as much power as you give them. You don't have to buy anything you don't want. You don't have to sell anything you don't want. If you feel you can get a better deal somewhere else... don't bother with GS, and do it yourself! Gamestop is there primarily to take games and accessories you feel are worthless to you, and give you a little something for it. They then take that crap and try to sell it for as much as they can because they may never be able to sell it.

So to us gamers, you see it as they bought your game for $20-$25 and they turn around and they put a price tag of $54.99. You feel cheated. But you gotta realize that that game may never get sold. GS does get lucky when you bring in your high profile games to trade, cause those get sold quickly, but they make up for the loss on the crap games that aren't selling.

I hope this puts an end to the, "Gamestop is screwing gamers over" post. They will only change their policies if you force them to.

Anon19743806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

Check to make sure the game works before you throw away the receipt. How does this negatively reflect on Gamestop in any way, shape or form? The guy should have just used his head.

JeffGUNZ3806d ago

Come on, how did this idiot buy a used game and lose the receipt in the alloted time it took to walk out the store, drive home and play it. It is his own fault. You always keep your receipt with used games and even new ones, to make sure they work. Simple as that.

I bet a lot of you know this already, but if you want to actually get REAL credit for you games, go to It's an online trading system. If a game is selling at 60 dollars in a store, you trade it in for the equivalent. They go on a points system, 1000 = 60 bucks, aka new release. I just put up RE5 on goozex and got a full 1000 points, where if you went to gamestop, they would give you like 20 bucks back. I haven't bought games with real cash in a long time, check that site out, it's a real gem!

ThanatosDMC3806d ago

It's his fault for buying a used game and his fault for losing the receipt.

BRG90003806d ago

Anthony here did 4 things wrong by my count:

1) Trading in a Gamecube for $42. Perhaps he owns a Wii, but if not, he'll probably regret that down the road when he feels nostalgic.
2) Buying a $55 used game instead of a new copy for just $5 more.
3) Misplacing his receipt.
4) Writing a letter and blog post apparently without contacting the local store itself first to see if they would replace it.

It's obviously a problem that Gamestop sold him an unplayable game. But everything else in this little story was this guy's fault. I strongly dislike Gamestop myself, but this is one of the weakest anti-Gamestop articles I've ever seen.

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OrganicMachine3807d ago

Gamestop, the next Walmart.

KKanjiAnkh3807d ago

I didn't know they sold lawn and garden items.

mpmaley3806d ago

Wal-Mart lets you return without a receipt if its under $50. This moron lost his receipt seemingly hours after he bought the game. Shame on him for losing the receipt. This article is bull. He didn't get screwed, he screwed himself.

ASSASSYN 36o3807d ago

I have done this myself at other places besides gamestop. True they should recognize him and just exchange the game but thats their perogitive. "Worst of all he lost his receipt." Looks to me this 24 year old man has problems if he can't hold on to his only proof of purchase.

Here is a tip for everyone. When you buy a game from anywhere put the receipt in the game box behind the instruction booklet. I got every reciept from all my games.

NMC20073807d ago

I agree 100%, excellent post.

beavis4play3807d ago

anthony can't hold onto a receipt.........and it's gamestops fault??!!
sounds like anthony has the problem.

anyways, when i bought my first copy of RE4, it wouldn't work past a certain cutscene. i had the game for 3 days before i returned it to gamestop. i went back in and had it replaced with no problem.

SaiyanFury3807d ago

I must concur as well. It's a matter of simple trade that many stores will not exchange merchandise unless a receipt is presented. It's the same for Walmart and many others. I don't feel that this is Gamestop's fault. Don't get me wrong, I know many of their policies are BS like the whole unwrapped, yet sell a game new for full price. Yet you try to take a freshly opened from sealed status game and try to sell it back to them and all of a sudden it's used and they won't pay full price for it. But having a receipt to return a game has been a common practise for years with game stores. If he lost the receipt, then it's his problem not Gamestop's. Personally, I keep every receipt for every game I buy from Gamestop tucked in my game's case clipped down on top of the instruction manual so if the game has a problem I can take it back and replace it without issue. This guy just had a run of bad luck and frankly, it's his fault for losing the receipt. Don't blame Gamestop, this practise is common all around North America.

2FootYard3807d ago

Stores screw people over all the time but when its big bad Gamestop there has to be a news story about it.

Elimin83807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

@ ASSASSYN 36o I agree but still When doesn't anyone get bent over by Lamestop? I also do the same with my receipt. I keep them for at least 30-60 days unless it's a system warranty.

INehalemEXI3807d ago

if you get RROD , do the towel trick and trade it to gamestop.

ASSASSYN 36o3807d ago

I primarily have used 5 gamestops. 3 in Arkansas. And 2 in Phoenix Arizona. Everyone of them gave me excellent customer service and hook-ups (exclusive game codes, extra beta codes, and trinkets). I won't generalize all gamestops as being great but nor will I that they are all bad based off of a bad situation.

And this nut just wanted to rant about his mistake. That is obvious in his complete gripe.

REALgamer3807d ago

Or you could just send it in to Microsoft for your free repair and get it back in 2 weeks with a free month of Live Gold and free postage & handling?


Anon19743806d ago

I'm sure REALgamer meant to say you could send your console back to Microsoft (if the warranty is still good) and in 4-6 weeks, after hours lost on the phone fighting with someone with a tentative grasp of the english language you will get back a different, refurbed faulty unit that will most likely gouge your disks or die on you within a couple of months and then MS can say "Disk gouging isn't covered," and a free month of XBL.

At least, that's been my experience.

JeffGUNZ3806d ago

Sorry to hear that. In my personal experience, mine was acting funny, close to getting RROD, Contacted Microsoft, sent it out the next morning, and then I got it sent back to me within 1 week period of time, brand new xbox. Same for my friends and my brother, no longer then 2 weeks, all brand new 360's.

likedamaster3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

In the early days of RRoD I got a refurbished one but 2 more times after that I got back completely new ones. Oh btw, my launch core unit was never replaced(knock on wood).

Core(+ hdd soon after) = died 0 times.
Premium = died 2 times.
Elite = died 1 time.

The only delay I got on my xbox360 was around Christmas time. Turnaround was always less than 2 weeks.

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