What's the deal with Regional Exclusive Games?

The Power Review: It just so happens that most of the regional exclusives that anyone cares about are only on the Playstation 3. This is simply because since Sony is a Japanese company, there are more developers for the system that don't have the funding to pay for the localization of their games. Additionally, there are larger Japanese companies that release games in Japan almost a full year before they are available anywhere else in the world.

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NovusTerminus3806d ago

Though it did remind me of something...

I WANT DEMON SOULS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UNCyrus3806d ago

that's because it's awesome! i've played it a little bit... can't wait to get my hands on the full retail

ButterToast3806d ago

I have the asian copy, freaking EPIC! although I keep getting kicked off the network.

definitly one of my favorite games this gen.

Expy3806d ago

Great thing about the PS3... Region free gaming.

Reshun3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

Yes.. importing can definitely be worth your time when you have to face most of the amateur voice acting/translation.. such as

KKanjiAnkh3806d ago

LMFAO, that's why I didn't touch that game.

I felt like I was listening to Ol'Drippy from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, do the dialogue.

Knightrid8083806d ago

The voice actors in that video are by far the worst I've heard. Ugh, I wanted to punch my monitor while hearing them talk.

Godmars2903806d ago

And that's why JRPG fans want the original JP voice work on their games.

Hell, if Square can mess up with the VAs on Advent Children, many of whom were celebrities if not professional VAs, then is anything safe?

zoneofenders3805d ago

holy crap thats the best voice acting i have ever heard in my whole life!!

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Tony P3806d ago

That's the way it's been for decades now. The internet just makes you more aware of it. Japan always gets first pick at games developed within their borders. The devs there aren't going to make their loyal fans at home wait for our benefit. Same thing happens practically everywhere else.

Besides, we'll get most of those games mentioned since they have localisations plans already. The only one I don't know about is Demon's Souls.

Rmagnus3806d ago

the Asian version is in english so i doubt it will get any localisation, so the guy is complaining that Japanese games don't reach the US fast enough? Its same for Japan no? KZ2 took awhile to reach japan if I am not wrong Top Spin 3 will be out in Japan on 28 of May 2009

FreestyleBarnacle3805d ago

Check out the delays for GTA games too. There are loads of other big name titles which take their time to get to Japan from all the big companies. I'd list a few but the ones that come to mind are all for the 360 and I don't want to seem biased.

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